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Saint Casimir, The REAL Boy Wonder

Mandeville, LA - In our corrupt, hyper-secular age, role models for young men come in the form of skinny, effeminate narcissists who look more comfortable in girls clothing than in real men's. Should one be found that does not fit the description above, they are quickly assailed as suffering from "hype-masculinity", a pseudo condition manufactured to pave the way for complete, legalized sex transitions to begin, mutilations included, at age […]

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Mike Church Presents The Red Pill Diaries Podcasts

Must You Join Christ’s Church To Be Saved? – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 536. Caller Scott from Tennessee • discussing reading the scripture • Where does it say thou shalt read thy bible and thou shalt be saved? (in the bible) • We are men, we cannot subject to anything in this realm. We have to be subjected to temporal things. • Matthew 16:13 • Did he establish “a” Church or “THE” church? […]

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Daily Clip

Father’s Job is to Get Kids to Heaven

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - As a priest explained to me one day, your job as a father in your house is the same as my job. Your job is to get those women and children to heaven. That is your job. That is your number one job, to get them to heaven. I expounded on that by saying the other job of all the men listening […]

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Church Doctrine

Why Should Veterans Be Treated Worse Than HUD Benificiaries?

Mandeville LA - When the United States entered World War I in 1915, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigned in protest informing the President he had “an obligation to my country” to oppose Wilson’s war. Bryan was a pacifist. The next year, the Dorn’s of Greenwood SC named their son “William Jennings Bryan Dorn”. Today there’s a VA hospital that ironically bears Dorn’s name and is one that denied […]

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Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

Back In The Day, Faith Beat FaceBook

Mandeville LA - For people who still read daily newspapers in the U.S. it is a wonder they haven’t sold all their stuff and moved to Fiji. From rising murder rates and the decline of morality there isn’t much good to read about these days. Of course the guardians at the media gates will tell you that they “just report the news, they don’t make it”. That might have been […]

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Church Doctrine

“Man-Made” Climate Change Is A Deadly Excuse To Steal Wealth

Mandeville LA -The planet that we are blessed to inhabit does not have a thermostat on it for humans to set at increased or decreased “global” temperatures. But don’t tell that to the witch doctors working for the hilariously mis-titled Natural Resources Defense Council or the Sierra Club which spends most of its time suing people in places that aren’t the Sierras. We must be reminded of these common sense […]

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Church Doctrine

Middle Class Gets Hosed By The Sick Culture It Worships

Mandeville LA - American middle-class families have been a fixture on network TV from the Honeymooners of the 50’s to the Keatons in the 90’s... well from the 90’s on the definition of middle class and of family has been changing for the worse and one of those changes is standard of living. For the first time in almost a century the U.S. middle-class is falling to the rock bottom […]

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Church Doctrine

“Inconceivable”! Imperial Congress Guarantees Reliable Dreams, Independence Looms

Mandeville LA - The job assignments for members of the Imperial Congress just keep expanding. In Michigan yesterday, President Obama spiked the football in the ObamaCare end-zone proclaiming that the Feds job is now to “...make sure our fellow citizens can also pursue their dreams”. Gee, I wonder what part of the Federal Constitution covers the guarantee of affordable dream-catchers? At about the same time Obama was promising free dreams, New Orleans […]

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Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

Not Shocking: Common Cores Is Supported By Crony Capitalists

Mandeville LA - Imagine a large, public meeting room full of men in fancy suits, passing a microphone around taking turns at critiquing your parenting skills. “Why did you tell little Johnny & Susie to bathe after dinner, shouldn’t they bathe before!?” Or “Instead of the Lord’s Prayer, have you ever thought of saying the Pledge of Allegiance before bed?!” “Why would I ever subject myself to such second […]

todayMarch 13, 2014