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Founders Television

Interview with Kevin Gutzman: Scalia Not The Pillar of Conservatism He Is Thought To Be

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - How did Scalia become the "strict Constitutionalist" of the Supreme Court? Is it based more on image than actual decisions? You could certainly make a case for that based on his latest decision in the Arizona case. If anything, Thomas is the more Conservative on the Supreme Court, but he doesn't keep up appearances like Scalia does. But does anyone think the […]

todayJune 25, 2015 1

Daily Clip

The Chatter Going On Over ObamaCare Is Not Productive

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - This Clip of The Day was originally aired and published on Jun 28,2012 and is part of the Founders Pass Flashback Collection. There's an awful lot of chatter out there from non-statesman and people who have no participation in the process.  I'm not arguing against freedom of the press  here but most of it is just filler, filling up broadcast time and web […]

todayJune 8, 2015 1