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YIKES! New Hampshire Is Ready To Give Mitt Romney Another Go

Some Politicians Never Go Away Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “New Hampshire Voters Are Still Holding Out Hope for Romney 2016.”  Are you people in New Hampshire nuts?  First you give us Joan of Ayotte, the little war princess that could, Kelly Ayotte, Senator Kelly Ayotte, who has yet to meet an unconstitutional, unjust war that she has not liked, has not endorsed, and has not gone all the […]

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Blast From the Past: Interview With Congressman Ron Paul, 10 November 2010

Mandeville, LA - If you missed the show today then you missed three hours of non-stop awesomeness straight to your eardrums. To be specific, you missed the King Dude chatting it up with Congressman Ron Paul on some of the issues most pertinent to our Country, like if there are any more Paul's we can put in Congress besides Rand. Some of the other topics they touch on: Governor Palin […]

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Pile Of Prep

When Big Box Retailers Attack: CostCo Shacks Up With Obama-Biden 2012

Costco CEO says Obama "...understands that small businesses grow and prosper because of individual initiative—because entrepreneurs like you and me do the hard work it takes"-I didn't know CostCo sold medical marijuana AFTER mgmnt samples it WaPo's Milbank: Romney can't have his MIC cake and eat it to- the "military" will have to be cut alongside the "welfare" or else accept a tax increase. I am a promoter of the […]

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