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When Big Box Retailers Attack: CostCo Shacks Up With Obama-Biden 2012

todayJuly 26, 2012 5 3

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Costco CEO says Obama “…understands that small businesses grow and prosper because of individual initiative—because entrepreneurs like you and me do the hard work it takes”-I didn’t know CostCo sold medical marijuana AFTER mgmnt samples it

WaPo’s Milbank: Romney can’t have his MIC cake and eat it to- the “military” will have to be cut alongside the “welfare” or else accept a tax increase. I am a promoter of the “Defense tax” folks, get this spending on empire on the table and REALLY debate it

Randomoium: Rand Paul isn’t on board with Dick Cheney’s plea to avoid “sequester” of military spending instead demanding the Senate “cut the crap” from the Pentagon

Before clicking this interactive map of ALL the USA’s foreign aid distributions please assume the position: If you’re standing sit down, if you’re driving pull over. Click the bottom left side of Africa for a REAL sticker shock

“Remember the Alamo!” Riots break out in Anaheim and Dallas as “protestors” not content with the political process, seek retribution in the streets, how long before an organized “mission” is attempted?

Ron Paul’s “Audit The FED” bill passes the House of Representin’ by overwhelming majority as pundits predict its demise in the Senate-the 1st phase to re-establishing fiscal sanity has now been accomplished, this is a HUGE victory for [r]epublicans-only $2 TRILLION to go!

Scott Brown’s gonna do it Mitter Chur… you juth wait and thee! Heeth gonna get in there and team up with all the Thenate’s great conthervatives, you juth wait and thee, Thscott Brown’s gonna do it! (he did it alright-voted AGAINST extending Bush tax cuts)

Do we have an Anglo-Saxon heritage to share with the UK? Maybe? maybe not but WHO CARES? It is not as if the UK is going to bail US out anytime soon financially or otherwise (but DeceptiCONS do LOVE having them join our empire’s “interventions”)

Romney barnstorms into Europe to bash Obama’s lack of great policy there and forgets to put his OWN European foreign policy on his website or included it in his trip dossier

Polls suggest that Mitt Romney has not closed the sale on wavering voters which you can either take as either an indictment on the sheople who must have grown weary of earned prosperity or a rave review of Obama’s snow job in action

Asking WHO gets to decide WHAT science projects receive “public funding” misses the point of whether science should be subsidized at ALL (the answer is an emphatic NO and here’s more of the reasons why)

VIDEO: Romney promises to “fight…tooth and nail” medical marijuana

Skyes Like Us: Skype is now sharing some of your data and habits with the Feds & other G-Men

Editorial: “Congress has responsibility to regulate & protect Americans”,  Really? And just where does the “conservative” WaTimes find THAT authority in the Constitution? Thomas Jefferson disagreed

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Have any more reports associated to this topic? I’m performing some research for my university review and Googled your web site.

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