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Pile Of Prep

Free Phone Friday Prep-The “Capitalist” Evil That Disney DisNot Has Become

Veritas et Sapientia - "There was once a time when States were governed by the philosophy of the Gospel. Then it was that the power and divine virtue of Christian wisdom had diffused itself throughout the laws, institutions, and morals of the people, permeating all ranks and relations of civil society." - His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei Mandeville, LA - Today's Pile of Prep: all of the stories and […]

todayMarch 22, 2019 1

Kanye West is no God


Good Can Come Of The Evil That God Does, But Only Evil Comes From The Evil That Lena Dunham Does

Mandeville, LA - The Church Doctrine Episode 28 - Mike continues his exposition of the terribly immoral belief that because we're 'Muricans, we can perpetrate horrendous acts of evil and they are "moral" because we fantasized there was some "good" that would come of them. Catholics should know better but they don't. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHURCH DOCTRINE VIDEO FEED Taken from today's Mike Church Show on The Crusade Channel; Live […]

todayAugust 9, 2017


Planned Parenthood’s War Against Humanity

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "These maniacs that are doing what they’re doing in Planned Parenthood clinics, what’s their excuse?  We’re not at war.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, there is a war.  It’s a war against humanity.”  You’re right.  Who is it, what entities, what species is it that Satan hates most?  Me and you humans.  Why?  Because God gave us freewill.  When he did, that angered him.  You know […]

todayApril 22, 2017 1


Clinton Promises An Increase In PP Funding

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Folks, by her own admission, by her own boasting and bragging admission, Mrs. Clinton has promised that funding for Planned Parenthood will increase, that she will ignore the Hyde Amendment and see to that end, and that Planned Parenthood’s coffers will be filled and thus more women will have more abortions available.  More evil is going to come of her presidency."  Check out today’s […]

todayOctober 21, 2016 3


Our Political Derailment

Our Politics Are Off The Tracks Because The Moral Train Has No Sight Of Those Tracks Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Many people think, and have based their entire adult political lives on the proposition that the Republican Party is where social conservatives and social conservatism has a home, and this is how we’re going to “take the country back.”  To the Dude Maker Hotline, this is our friend, author […]

todayMarch 14, 2015 1


Chris Ferrara – Evil Has A Name And He’s Wreaking Havoc In US Government

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "This is a hard concept for people to grasp.  They will grasp, though, they will pay top dollar to go watch movies made by Hollywood so they can be scared of this entity, and they are, and they believe it to exist.  They have no problems using Ouija boards.  They foolishly believe they are conjuring up the dead when they’re monkeying around with their Ouija […]

todayOctober 14, 2014 31

Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

Kids Know They Live In A Depraved World Adults Won’t Fix

Mandeville LA - The murder of 6 people last Friday in Santa Barbara CA is being described as a “rampage” and a “slaughter”. One distraught father angrily demanded to know why “something wasn’t done” to stop Elliott Rodger’s killing spree. On Sunday news shows, U.S. Senators were asked what they intended to do about Rodger’s killing spree which is not surprisingly lumped together with killings in Sandy Hook CT and […]

todayMay 27, 2014


What Fills The Void Where “good” Once Resided?

As Tradition Is Escorted To The Door, Evil Comes Across The Threshold To Replace It Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "You ought to do all that you can to try to abide the rule and encourage others to do that.  We do the exact opposite.  We tell people: No, no, that’s not a real rule.  That’s one of those fuddy-duddy rules, you know, when those Christian cats used to run […]

todayMay 20, 2014 3