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Tom Mullen Conservatives and LiberalsMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Folks, by her own admission, by her own boasting and bragging admission, Mrs. Clinton has promised that funding for Planned Parenthood will increase, that she will ignore the Hyde Amendment and see to that end, and that Planned Parenthood’s coffers will be filled and thus more women will have more abortions available.  More evil is going to come of her presidency.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  It is said that all things that men do – men in the plural as in we’re all men or the human race, men, humanity – that all things that men do they do to bring about good.  If we were to take that to the abortion clinic, the alleged good that is brought out of what happens inside the abortion clinic is what?  The woman gets to go and continue on in her career, right?  She’s not then shackled and saddled down with the punishment that is motherhood, etc., etc.  Well, there’s a problem with that.  In order to get to that alleged good, an evil had to be committed, and that is murder.  You can’t get a good out of evil.

Folks, by her own admission, by her own boasting and bragging admission, Mrs. Clinton has promised that funding for Planned Parenthood will increase, that she will ignore the Hyde Amendment and see to that end, and that Planned Parenthood’s coffers will be filled and thus more women will have more abortions available.  More evil is going to come of her presidency.  Do we have any conception whatsoever – let’s go to the next one.

Is there any evidence whatsoever anywhere on Earth or in the entire historical record that Mrs. Clinton knows what a just war is, knows what a just war action is, and would then do anything to bring about a just war?  Or we might say to prevent war because it is not just.  Well, no.  As a matter of fact, we have the exact opposite.  What do we have?  What’s the evidence?  The evidence says that Mrs. Clinton voted for an aggressive act against a sovereign country that we were not at war with, which resulted in – and Congress was told this.  Ron Paul and others said: You’re going to kill tens of thousands of innocent noncombatants if you do this.  Did Mrs. Clinton mind?  No, she didn’t.  She voted for it.  Did she vote to appropriate money for it?  Yes, she did.  Did she vote for the troop surge?  Yes, she did.  She voted to continue the killing.

When Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State and was presented with being somewhat in charge of the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, she was told that Libya could be cast into a civil war and that tens of thousands would die as a result.  Did Mrs. Clinton choose life over death in that instance?  No.  She had an ego.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Her and the Clinton Foundation and their clients needed Gaddafi out of the way.  So what did she do?  She and SecDev in cahoots with the Brits and a few NATO forces assisted some Libyans in assassinating Muammar Gaddafi.  Problem solved.  What’s the state of Libya today?  It is in utter chaos.  Are there Christians that are being persecuted?  Yes.  Mrs. Clinton’s actions have then resulted in the death and the attempt to exterminate Christians, not only in Iraq, but in Libya.  Does she have any respect for life?  No.

So what actual question is there?  Let me give you one more, if we haven’t convinced anyone yet, of why you cannot participate in the Clinton campaign and you must not say things that may make others participate in it.  It brings about and will continue an evil.  You, therefore, my Christian friend, are not permitted to participate in such a heinous act.

How many of you ever heard of the term the Arab Spring?  We seem to have forgotten about this.  It was all the rage back in 2011 when Mrs. Clinton was still Secretary of State.  What began the Arab Spring?  America was going to free the Egyptians and other peoples from the shackles of monarchy and military rulers and let them experience and drink from the cup of abortion and Hillary what difference does it makelesbianism and sodomy and pornography and every other hell forsaken sin.  But they get to vote.  We’re going to bring democracy to the Middle East.  How’s that working out for you, Hillary?

The first phase of the Arab Spring happened in Egypt.  We’ve all seen or heard of the rape of the CBS reporter, Lara Logan.  She was basically gang raped right there on the street by the diabolical forces unleashed by the Arab Spring.  Mrs. Clinton was told before she assisted in initiating the Arab Spring, the CIA told her and told the joint chiefs: If you do this, these people are going to starve.  There’s not enough food.  They have a bit of a problem here.  If you destabilize this government and any sort of a blockade or any sort of an interruption in the food supply, people are going to die of starvation.  There isn’t enough food.  Their response was: Too bad.  That’s too bad for them.

The Arab Spring went on.  Egypt’s dictators were overthrown.  A new military government was inserted.  Tens of billions of dollars of weapons were then transferred, and tens of billions of dollars of cash transferred, all to the benefit of the friends of the Clinton Global Initiatives and other NGOs, non-governmental organizations, the usual suspects.  What was the human result?  What was the cost in human lives?  It was massive loss of human lives.  We know today that thousands of Coptic Christians were massacred by the now-unleashed Mohammedan forces.  We have photographic evidence that Christians were kneeled down on the beaches of Libya and the deserts of Egypt and were beheaded by ISIS forces for propaganda purposes.  This does not happen if Gaddafi is there, and it doesn’t happen if the military dictatorship is preserved in Egypt either.

Let me just summarize this.  There is no point in even arguing or attempting to argue that any good can possibly come out of supporting Mrs. Clinton.  Therefore, all Christian people should be being told from every pulpit and by every friend of the Christian faith: No, this cannot be.  That doesn’t mean that you then have to go and vote for Donald Trump.  If you really want to mitigate the evil, and if we are assured that Trump might at least attempt to be a noninterventionist, and that Trump might at least attempt to preserve the Hyde Amendment, repeal the Johnson Amendment, appoint justices that might slightly or in whatever measure mitigate the murder of the soon-to-be-born as it is federally and legally protected, because you might nominate some judges that may not go along with the program, that Trump might repeal the Johnson Amendment or see to it.  He might repeal executive orders that cost human life.

plannedparenthoodFolks, there is ample evidence that in the former you may not lend your consent but in the latter you can.  Indeed, if we learn more about the diabolical tendencies of Mrs. Clinton and her goons and her henchmen, we may actually be compelled to support the only candidate that has a chance of beating her.  This was Chris Ferrara’s point last night in his debate with Ambassador Alan Keyes at the Argument of the Month Club.  I do not have the audio, and Chris is traveling so I couldn’t get him on the show today.  He will be on the show tomorrow.  What is tomorrow?  This kind of helps bring this full circle.  Tomorrow is October the 13th.  What happened on October 13th, 1917?  It’s the date in the little town of Fatima, Portugal.  What happens?  What is known as the Miracle of the Sun.  it is the greatest astrological event that occurred in the last century, maybe in the last millennia.  We’ll talk about it tomorrow when Ferrara joins us for the final half of the program.

Christopher is working furiously in there to get all sorts of images and any film footage that’s available, any animations that we can add.  We’re going to present to you a very, very nice video presentation for this Fatima episode.  As a matter of fact, tomorrow may be the day that we flip the switch and put that behind the paywall so it’s for Founders Pass members only.

Let’s get back to Paul Ryan and company.  As I told Mark Kreslins earlier, it seems to me that Ryan and McCain, they’re not just opposing and refusing to appear with Donald Trump at campaign rallies.  That’s not the gambit.  They want him to lose.  Again, if Trump loses, is there any chance that Gary Johnson might be elected president?  Let me give you the odds of that.  Zero point zero.  If Trump does not beat Mrs. Clinton, is there any chance that Jill Stein might beat Mrs. Clinton?  Zero point zero.  If Trump does not beat Mrs. Clinton, does not defeat her, is there any chance that comedian Pat Paulsen might be elected to the presidency?  Zero point zero.  If Trump does not beat Mrs. Clinton, is there any chance whatsoever that Chuck Baldwin, if he’s even running this year, might be elected president?  What chance is there, if Trump does not beat Mrs. Clinton, that Mrs. Clinton beats Trump and is elected president?  Near certainty.  Barring her medical condition actually escalating to the point where she cannot perform, almost certainty.

Any person that meditates at all upon this, that truly prizes and treasures life – I believe it was Edmund Burke once up on a time that said, and I think Brad Birzer quoted this to me one time on the program when I was in a state of despair: Mike, as long as our country has a heartbeat and a chance to pursue redemption, then we as Christians have a duty to assist her in that endeavor.  When it comes to the point where you make the conclusion that there is no heartbeat, when you’ve shocked it and Uncle Sam just lays there lifeless, hopefully we’ve prepared for that, to retreat into our enclaves.

One more point to make in regards to the idea that we might be able to secede our way out of this.  It’s not to say that we can’t.  It is to just temper the argument so that we are at least apprised that there is a very, very long road ahead of us in getting back to where we need to be.  I just give you this example.  I’m going to have to paraphrase because I wasn’t actually there for this.  Here where I live, we don’t have counties; we have parishes.  I live in the Parish of St. Tammany.


The Parish of St. Tammany is where we will form the Republic of St. Tammany, where we will hoist the Carillon de Sacre-Coeur as our banner.  Living in a parish in Louisiana, we have a parish government.  Parish government meets, not coincidentally, right across the hall from here.  I could walk there and be there in a minute.  The building is right there.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, why do you bring that up?”  Here’s why.

On Tuesday night last, the parish council met.  Even though the room was filled with people raising their voice in opposition, corruption ensued.  Maggie O’Connell, did you hear about this?  You usually watch these meetings, parish council meetings.  We have this monstrosity that crosses the lake.  It’s called the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.  There was hardly a dissenting voice that was in opposition to increasing the toll that it costs you to cross the causeway so they could continue building upon it.  In other words, a never-ending public works project.  The toll is now to be raised from three to five dollars.  As I said, there was hardly anyone in the room.  The public was massively opposed to this.  Yet one member of the council stood up and said: I don’t have to do what you people say.  I was elected to do what’s best for this parish.  I’m paraphrasing.  Mr. Rykert Toledano.  Two members abstained.  There’s eleven members.  That left nine.  Four were allowed to vote no to look like they opposed it.  Five of the criminal class, local criminal class, voted to increase the tolls on the bridge.

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Wait a minute.  It gets even worse.  You won’t believe the next one.  To those that say at least we can bring it back into scale, let me tell you, the corruption in Mordor is a spiritual corruption that blankets from Nova freaking Scotia all the way down to Baja, from the tip of Juneau, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands all the way down to Key West.  No place in between, or few places in between, are free of it.  Mammon has reconquered the Americas.  How sad that is.  The Americas once conquered by Columbus and other Spaniards – as I told you on Monday’s show, San Salvador, holy savior, that’s what the island is named for.  Columbus conquered those islands and named them all for Christianity, of which he brought with his men to the natives.  Ditto that for the other Spaniards that landed.  The place that Cortes landed in Mexico, what did he call it?  Come on, class.  What did Cortes call it?  We still call it that today.  Veracruz, the true cross.  The continent was conquered for Christ.  It now belongs to Mammon.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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