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The Mike Church Show

French vs Ahmart: It’s The Authority Stupid! – The Mike Church Show

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:07am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 - News of the Church and the World. Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes 2019 KIA Soul 5m The Feud Rages On - Sohrab Ahmari and David French 15m       32m   HEADLINE: Sohrab Ahmari […]

todayJune 5, 2019


Father Francis Simpson Hero And D-Day CRUSADER

Father Francis Simpson Hero - The story of one priests heroic actions on D-Day and Our Lady's intervention to save his squadron Friends and Founders Pass Member/owners. At this late stage in our crowdfunding effort, the odds of The Golden Truth Ticket meeting its survival level goal of 500 tickets sold have a faint glimmer of a chance; the odds of our hitting our expansive level goal require a providential […]

todayJune 5, 2019 1

The Mike Church Show

Jim Carrey Does The Holy Ghost’s, Pro-Life Bidding, Beelzebub Is Not Amused – The Mike Church Show

To Listen To The Full Episode Click HERE Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:05am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 - News of the Church and the World. 2m   Golden Truth Sweepstakes Giveaway David Simpson was out looking for a used car the other day. He […]

todayMay 23, 2019 2

Gentleman's Corner

We’ve Given Away A NEW CARRRRRRRR! Congratulations To William Parrish of Temecula, California!

Athens, GA - On Friday, 08 June, 2018, The CRUSADE Channel gave away a 2018 KIA Soul via our 2nd Annual, Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes and the winner is: William Parrish of Temucula, California!! The ticket that William won with was actually won in the on-air giveaway contest on The CRUSADE Channel! William was among the final 9 ticket holders that had tickets matching the first 6 digits Mike gave […]

todayJune 9, 2018 1

The Mike Church Show

Will Sodomites Embrace Soul Cakes After SCOTUS Wrist-Slap? – Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA - Did the SCOTUS really settle the issue of "religious freedom" when it ruled for the Colorado cake baker in his lawsuit against the Colorado "Civil Rights Commission"? No says Mike and regular guest Michael Hichborn of the LePanto Institute. Mike's special interview guest today is Father William Slattery who is promoting his essential new book: Heroism and Genius-How Catholic Priests Helped Build-And Can Help Rebuild - Western […]

todayJune 5, 2018 1



Friday Medley-Education Is For Souls, Not All Mexicans Are Bad, The Rosary Doctor Talks Saint Joseph & Why The CRUSADE Must Succeed

Mandeville, LA - CRUSADE Newsdesk's Celeste Youngblood joins the Mike Church Show LIVE! in studio to mark the first "CRUSADE Studios", in-house, LIVE morning show and what a show it was. Mike covers a medley of topics including Mexican immigrants we should NOT hate/demonize (no that doesn't mean there aren't borders or immigrant laws). You want want to miss Mike's interview with The Rosary Doctor Brian Kiczek on Saint Joseph […]

todayMay 4, 2018