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Wil You Go LGBTQ-transgender, or Will You Go Carmelite? California Has Decided For You: LGBTQ

Mandeville, LA -  For those who remain unconcerned and or unconvinced that the "religious liberty" you currently "enjoy" is about to be in short supply I offer the following: A school board member in Bakersfield, CA has resigned his position because he can no longer claim to be a Christian defender of the Gospel and The Moral Teaching it grants us and remain on the board. How tragically sad is […]

todayJuly 8, 2016 1


Will You Go Trans or Carmelite Vol II – The lgBtq Heresy Has Infected The Children

Mandeville, LA - The Image below was sent by CRUSADE Channel listener and contributor Kevin Gannon. Kevin's take is below. Folks, does no one see the horror that this has become for devout souls to experience and is growing like a well fed yeast culture!? To know that a 10 year old constructed this "artwork" with the guidance of parents means that at least 2 souls in that home are […]

todayMay 14, 2016 2