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If Louisianan’s Truly Oppose Abortion, Its Time To Secede From This Lethal Union – The Mike Church Show

HEADLINE: Roberts joins Supreme Court's liberal wing in blocking Louisiana abortion law by Gregg Re This isn’t a ant-abortion law. This is a REGULATORY issue. FROM THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CHATROOM: Maybe we as laity need to implement a new "Modernist" oath for our Bishops to receive their Diocesan pleas If Louisiana had the power to ratify the Constitution then she has the power to un-ratify Save your "settled this […]

todayFebruary 11, 2019 6


Who’s Really To Blame For The Government Shutdown?

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The Democrat Party -- again, I hate to do this in the partisan sense because I despise partisan politics. I don’t want to be a part of them, don’t want to have to talk about them, but in this instance we’re going to have to here because there is politics involved. The Democrat Party has been gaming this from the beginning, knowing that October […]

todayOctober 10, 2013 11


Senator Cruz’s Filibuster Should Be About Obamacare Ushering In An Oligarchy

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – It makes it a national one, or even more dangerously, it makes it an oligarchical system, meaning the rulers make the rules the rest of us live by while exempting themselves from same. There is nothing that prevents them, nothing that prevents them from inserting their opinion and altering the course of human history in any way, manner, shape, or form that they deign […]

todaySeptember 26, 2013 4

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Stand And Deliver: Mitt Romney Heckled At NAACP

Romney at NAACP: ObamaCare's going down, if you want jobs it HAS to go down - Romney's "Sistah Souljah moment?" Teen Wolf Blitzer blasts Obama on CNN for NOT attending where Romney dared walk (NAACP) Congratulations and welcome to über financial blogger Veronique de Rugy, one of my favorite writers on finances. Ms. de Rugy became an American citizen today-replacing Denise Rich x6 Flashback on Souljah: 1992, Bill Clinton at Jesse […]

todayJuly 12, 2012 22