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Stand And Deliver: Mitt Romney Heckled At NAACP

todayJuly 12, 2012 2 2

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Romney at NAACP: ObamaCare’s going down, if you want jobs it HAS to go down – Romney’s “Sistah Souljah moment?”

Teen Wolf Blitzer blasts Obama on CNN for NOT attending where Romney dared walk (NAACP)

Congratulations and welcome to über financial blogger Veronique de Rugy, one of my favorite writers on finances. Ms. de Rugy became an American citizen today-replacing Denise Rich x6

Flashback on Souljah: 1992, Bill Clinton at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, denounces rapper Sistah Souljah

Chicago Tribune original post on the matter

NY Slimes updates the story and the legend of the Souljah moment

Flashback II – Joe Sobran, the great columnist for National Review, affirmed the right of secession in 1992 and correctly identified it as a check on tyranny

Nebraska DeceptiCONS demand their schools teach “American Exceptionalism”

Buchanan: The end is near for the “Casino Capitalists” as the middle class sees no value in Hedge fund managers or the corrupt, central banking pals

Obama makes cardinal mistake of NOT threatening to bomb a country controlled by people we don’t like and draws a rebuke from Sen. Marco Rubio, the country is Venezuela

There are plenty of “conservatives” who do NOT see Chavez as the “threat” Rubio & company see him as

More misguided praise for John Roberts, this time he has saved the Court, Congress, CONSERVATISM AND the Constitution-we might get a free egg roll if we’re lucky!

Libs lose their proverbial cookies over Brad Pitt’s mother-and her expression on NOT APPROVED for the Daily Show political speech

Henninger: If the jetski trip was Romney’s message to the middle class he is headed for a Dukakkis like embarassment

Judge Napolitano: We know our freedoms are being stolen– “What are we going to do about it?”

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I booed Romney too when he started talking about saving Medicare and social security two unsustainable socialist programs its time to start peeling this stuff back their are humane ways of doing it and it should be done now rather than later


Now there is the typical decepticon line. “oh, we have to take food stamps away so we can support the EPA. Cut soc.sec. So ee can support homeland security.” Do you s all a favour and google “eisenhower iron cross” and read how Dwight warned you of the military expenses. Then, if you have the cajones, look up the vost of war. If compared to entitlements, which cud solve the crissis quicker? Then ask yourself the question of the decade ,” What did you expect when you …(fill in the blank)?”

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