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Mike Church Show Archives: 20 FULL Episodes for Download-Dec.15 – Jan-15-2016

For our Founder's Pass Members: Download and listen in their entirety, out of the Mike Church Show vault, the next 20 Episodes of the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network spanning Dec.15 - Jan.15. These 20 Episodes are available in one convenient zip file, easy to download and listen to. What are you waiting for? Download and listen to every Mike Church Show now! Note that this is a large file that contains […]

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Mike Church Show FREE PREVIEW-The 1st Church of Pagan’s Synod On Climate Meets in France

Mandeville, LA - The planet is not setting itself on fire and if it were the politico goons at the Paris Summit couldn't stop it. Mike does this hour on what he calls The First Church of Paganism's Synod on The Climate. Attended by the Bishop of Mordor (Bishop Obama), the Bishop of France is Burning (Bishop Hollande) and the Bishop of Bullsh•t AlGore. Mike blows the lid of the Climate […]

todayDecember 1, 2015 3

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Nov 30 2015 PREVIEW – Planned Parenthood Fights for Life (of Workers)

Mandeville, LA - In this preview from November 30th's Mike Church Show, Mike discusses the Culture of Death's response to the Planned Parenthood shooting. In a Guardian article Jessica Valenti rails against "Violent anti-choice rhetoric" and "pro-life lies," but never explains what the lies are. Pro-abortionists fight for the life of abortion workers while fighting for the death of babies within clinic walls. Listen to the FULL hour of audio below […]

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Mike Church Show Withdrawals? We’ve Got You Covered

Mandeville, LA - We have heard from THOUSANDS of Mike Church Show fans and loyalists since Mike Announced that SiriusXM had not renewed his agreement nor found any place on their service for the Mike Church Show. Since we believe the audience is at or near 1 MILLION listeners, we 're certain 994,000 people will realize on Monday Morning next, that Mike is gone. First they'll think its a fluke, […]

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