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Confederate Officers Weren’t Traitors, They Were Heroes – The Jay Hinton Interview

A MIKE CHURCH SHOW EXCLUSIVE! From Tuesday, 23 June's Mike Church Show. The KingDude's interview with Montgomery attorney, SCV member and officer and legal historian on the War of Northern Aggression, Mr. Jay Hinton. The KingDude & Jay Hinton set the record straight on Robert E. Lee & his officer corps of honorable Southern Gentlemen, laying waste the revisionist slander relentlessly, heaped upon them. DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE! As good […]

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The Mike Church Show

From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry

From Defending Chastity To Promoting Adultery-The Sad Decline of Chivalry- The Mike Church Show interview with Joseph Pearce Special Guest Joseph Pearce host of The Pearcing Truth - The Sad Decline of Chivalry Listen to More, Mike Church Interviews with Jospeh Pearce! Headmaster Pearce Mike Church and Jospeh Pearce discuss: HEADLINE: For want of a lot of good men by Anna Hitchings She thinks we have reached a crisis. Chivalrous […]

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The Demons Have Learned Sex Trafficking of Kids & They’re Good At It!

The Demons Have Come For The Children & They're Winning Using Sex Trafficking John Whitehead has a must read essay at The Rutherford Institute, The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America. I spent over 90 minutes on this topic on yesterday's Mike Church Show (listen to this episode now, its FREE!) because it may be the most important issue facing American families...ever. For 3 […]

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Pile Of Prep

Tuesday Pile of Prep-Muricah Is So Broke We’d Have to Raise $222 Trillion Just To Get Back To Being Broke

Veritas et Sapientia - "Saint Augustine lived in an ostensibly Christianized Roman Empire, but well he knew that earthly political affairs are, finally, trivial compared with confrontation between the earthly City of Man and the heavenly City of God. Although the citizens of these two communities are inextricably mingled during our temporal existence, in eternity their rupture will be absolute and irrevocable. We have less excuse than Augustine’s contemporaries for […]

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CONFIRMED-Facebook Censors Are Throttling Founders Red Pill Takers

Mandeville, LA - by Mike Church I practically invented the term RedPill for eschewing the heterodoxy of politics as salvation. Now I can't use it on the social media that helped make it popular, WTH is up with that? So get this. A longtime listener and his wife have volunteered to manage my social media-broadcasting accounts for a year; GREAT! I thought. In analyzing my Mike Church Show FB account […]

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Daily Clip

Red Pill Diaries – Saint Joseph’s Humility Need To Unite Media “Trad” Catholic Clans

The Humility of Saint Joseph can help unite the "Trad Cath" media clans! BACK TO HEADLINE: The Role and Responsibility of Fatherhood - St. Joseph as Model by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. Like Joseph, fathers should be: most just, without partiality or human respect. most chaste, according to their married state of life. most prudent, in knowing God’s will through constant prayer. most valiant in courageously accepting the cross […]

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The KingDude Has Moved to High Noon!

The Mike Church Show is now broadcast to the world via the CRUSADE Channel and the CRUSADE channel's app and YouTube feed! But during this preview week you can listen to and watch the Mike Church Show and the other, awesome, 21 hours of daily programming on the CRUSADE Channel. Click the image below to start your 30 day FREE trial which includes podcasts of the latest Mike Church Show […]

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