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FLASHBACK: Paleocons vs Libertarians in Russell Kirk’s “Chirping Sectaries”

Editor's Note: ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 16 August, 2012 Mandeville, LA - Since the subject of Tradition vs Reason come sup nearly every day on the Mike Church Show, I thought it would be helpful to lay out what the differences are - or were - between Libertarians & their practice of Reason and Paleocon/Tradcons and their defense and study of Tradition. M.E. Bradfor's opus magnus "A Better Guide Than Reason" takes […]

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Pile Of Prep

Maybe Voters Are Not Yet Ready to Deal With The Guilt of Firing the First Black President

VIDEO: Dem pollster Cadell says the "Liberal Media" bias is destroying our civilization While NY Times columnist takes my approach that there is just as much "bias" in "conservative media" and I contend it is even more lethal because of its embrace of never ending war Ross Perot issues ginormous as his ears-Nyah Nyah Nyah neh boo boo on the fiscal cliff and "the dahfuhsit" Osama bin Bernanke's "fiscal cliff" […]

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