The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Maybe Voters Are Not Yet Ready to Deal With The Guilt of Firing the First Black President

VIDEO: Dem pollster Cadell says the “Liberal Media” bias is destroying our civilization

While NY Times columnist takes my approach that there is just as much “bias” in “conservative media” and I contend it is even more lethal because of its embrace of never ending war

Ross Perot issues ginormous as his ears-Nyah Nyah Nyah neh boo boo on the fiscal cliff and “the dahfuhsit”

Osama bin Bernanke’s “fiscal cliff” will raise taxes $536 BILLION in 2013 and hits everyone across the board in biggest tax increase in history

The verdict: Obama bombed more, killed more and extending our warfare state more than even Bush, but instead of running against this a practical dove, Romney chides Obama for not bombing enough

I am not alone in my admiration of John Quincy Adams as new JQA biography hits newstatds today (see amazon ad this page)

8 Things you should know about those nasty polls many of you swear are rigged against Romney (they’re not) as 65% of respondents believe Dear Leader will win reelection

I think he would have agreed with the Marquis of Halifax that a party is at best a conspiracy against the nation.  I should add to Halifax’s insight that a political movement is only an unsuccessful party.-Thomas Fleming, Chronicles

George Will channels some Mike Church: Maybe voters are not yet ready to deal with the guilt of firing the first black President

Thomas Fleming posts the Guide to PaleoConservatism Parts B

TIC: The Great Edmund Burke was not swayed by arguments made for the inevitability of English Empire

Fleming: I have seen the future and the future is us

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