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Try Explaining Shepard Smith “News” to a 15-Year-Old

Mandeville, LA -This Clip of The Day was originally aired and published on Aug 3,2012 and is part of the Founders Pass Flashback Collection. Exclusive Audio and Transcript - Isn’t it funny how the American media is fascinated by and promotes the idea that the rebels that are fighting the legitimate government over in Syria or over in Lebanon are the good guys, yet when the rebels that were Southerners […]

todayJune 11, 2015 21


The Media Needs More Journalists And Fewer Editorialists

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Why are there labels attached to what should just be called “the press”? If someone is going to identify them as conservative media, what does that mean? Does that mean they are conservatives that participate in media, or does that mean they are media that participate in conservatism? Which is it? There is a distinction. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

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