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Take Vitamin Way to Cross the Quarter Pounder With Cheese Bridge

todaySeptember 6, 2011 2

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    Take Vitamin Way to Cross the Quarter Pounder With Cheese Bridge TheKingDude

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    Take Vitamin Way to Cross the Quarter Pounder With Cheese Bridge TheKingDude

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Our fearless Dear Leader [Obama]

Take Vitamin Way to Cross the Quarter Pounder With Cheese Bridge

has ordered the entire federal regime to attend and pay homage to his I will save the economy and this is how speech Thursday night. The White house has leaked portions of MaObamas content out including the stroke of brilliance that is yet another Trillion dollar spending binge on infrastructure. Just say the word infrastructure and otherwise intelligent peoples minds begin to turn into economic gelatin replete with visions of FDR ordering the construction of overpasses and bridges to nowhere because who can argue against public roads, bridges and school buildings!? Why, every civilized society must have these things in ample supply and the bigger and more majestic they are the better!

Well, lets apply that theory to some other societal good: water. Without government intervention or subsidy, there seems to have evolved a never ending supply of bottled drinking water. Everything from plain old water from Poland or Eureka Springs and now we see flavored waters, seltzer waters and even Vitamin Waters. As a matter of fact the bottled water industry sold over 8.75 BILLION gallons in 2010 yet where is the Aquifer Infrastructure? Has anyone seen the hard working men and women of the spring well superhighway?

What about cheap food items like hamburgers? There is a war going on for your hamburger dollar with everyone from Ronald McDonald to Arnold Schwarzenegger rallying to get a share. Yet try as I may, I havent located any beef patty infrastructure or the Big Mac Bridge to MacDonald’s on Nowhere Island to help boost the sagging hamburger industry. I say sagging industry in jest because a casual viewing of network Television shows the popularity of the Whopper, Big Mac and Triple with bacon.

The point here is that if schools are needed with roads and bridges that provide access then those infrastructures should be built and maintained by those who have an interest in seeing the structures built. If that happens to be the people of an entire state shouldnt the state ask for open source bids on what it will take to build and maintain the projects indefinitely THEN present that to the voters? Maybe then wed finally see Vitamin Water Way which leads to the Quarter-Pounder With Cheese Bridge?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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