Tea Party Doesn't Like Ron Paul Because He Isn't Conservative Enough? – Mike Church Show Audio & Transcript

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I just Tweeted out, asking the question of whether or not todays Tea Partiers are phony conservatives, and I mean phony conservatives inasmuch as, to me, a conservative is someone thats conserving original intent, or trying to conserve as best they can, the original intent of the Constitution.  As we find over and over, time after time, that is not the case.  People talk a good game, but theyre not willing to actually do something about it.  So the Tea Party, according to The Washington Times, is not fans of Congressman Paul.  


Whats even more surprising is that Paul actually fares better among those that arent tea party supporters.  In Arizona, where he took eight percent of the vote overall, he won eight percent among those who are neutral about the tea party and 21 percent among those who oppose the movement.  A look at Ohio polling reveals a similar trend in the Buckeye State, which holds its primary five days from today on Super Tuesday.  A Quinnipiac University poll released this week showed that only 30 percent of tea party supporters likely to vote in the GOP primary have a favorable opinion of Ron Paul.  Thats compared with 79 percent who favor former senator Rick Santorum, and 64 percent who look favorably at House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and 49 percent who say the same of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

[end reading]

Mike:  So what is it about these tea partiers that identify themselves as tea partiers?  The only guy whos sworn an oath to the Constitution, in your adult lifetime, if youre from 18 to 70 years old, the only man whos ever taken it literally, seriously, have never voted to violate it, still to this day preaches about not violating — as a matter of fact, what does he talk about? 

When this guy, who is being shat upon and told to go home old man, shut up, were not talking about that kind of conservatism or that Constitution, you old gray-haired, brown bushy eyebrow, two suit sizes too big, liberty droning on about huckster.  Heres the same man, Ron Paul, talking about what he thinks conservatism is.  So this is why I keep saying, folks, weve got to drop — either were going to have to fight a war to reclaim the term or were going to have to pronounce ourselves something else other than conservatives.

[sound bite]  

Brian Williams: Congressman Paul, are these two in the middle insufficiently conservative for you?

Ron Paul: I think the problem is nobody seems to define what being conservative means.

Williams:  Go ahead.

Paul:  I think thats our problem.  Conservative means we have smaller government and more liberty.  Then you ask what have we done?  I think weve lost our way completely.  Our rhetoric is still pretty good.  When we get in charge, we expand the government.  You talk about Dodd-Frank or Sarbanes-Oxley.  We gave debts as well when were in charge.  So if it means limited government, you have to ask the basic question: What should the role of government be?  The Founders asked that question, had a revolution, and wrote a constitution.  They said the role of government ought to be to protect liberty.  Its not to run a welfare state and its not to be the policemen of the world.  If youre conservative, how can you be conservative and cut food stamps but you wont cut spending overseas?  Theres not a nickel or penny that anybody will cut on the conservative side overseas spending.  We dont have the money.  Theyre willing to start more wars.  I say if youre conservative, you want small government across the board, especially in personal liberty.  Whats wrong with having the government out of our personal lives?  We have to decide what conservative means and what limited government means.  I have a simple suggestion.  We have a pretty good guide.  If we follow the Constitution, government would be very small and we would all be devoted conservatives.

[end sound bite]

Mike:  [mocking] Shut up, old man.  If thats not the biggest slap in the face, crock of [expletive] I have ever heard.  Who the hell is that guy?  I mean it, folks.  Follow the Constitution?  What are you from, the 18th Century?  No wonder that suit looks so big on you.  Thats not me speaking.  Thats your average, I guess, Tea Partier.  [mocking]  Shut up.  What are you talking about?  You ever read Liberty and Tyranny?  Thats real conservatism.  You ever read the way things out to be?  Thats real conservatism.  You ever watch The OReilly Factor?  Thats real conservatism.  Folks, maybe it is.  Maybe it is.  Maybe we should just surrender and become, oh, I dont know, republicans with a little R.  AG, did you know at the time of the formation of the Republican Party ,that there were six practicing, organized political parties in the United States?

AG:  I was not aware that there were that many, no.

Mike:  Okay.  Do you know of any?  There was the Democratic Party, which was dominant.  There was no Republican Party.  There was a party called the Free Soil Party.  There was the Know Nothing Party.  There was the Liberty Party.  There are two more.  Im trying to think of the name.

AG:  Am I crazy for thinking Bull Moose Party or Whig Party?

Mike:  I think the Whigs had already gone out.  Maybe there was a Whig.  There was a presentation I saw at my conference in Abbeville last week.  I should have written them all down.  I think I did write them down in my notes.  No, the Whigs were probably gone by then.  The desire was so great to get rid of the Southern-base Democrat Party, which was dominant in American politics, that the five parties that werent Democrats came together in the election of 1856, formed a Republican Party, began the process and in two elections, they had basically taken the United States Senate and, then with the election of 1860, had taken the presidency.  

The reason why the Democrats had to be gotten rid of is because Northern Nationalists were insistent that the federal government needed to get involved in internal improvements, that the federal government needed to fund and then build the Transcontinental Railroad, that the federal government needed to fund international steamship lines and what have you.  President Franklin Pierce vetoed a bill to do just that with the Transcontinental Railroad.  He vetoed it twice.  Then President Buchanan vetoed it.  They had to get rid of the Democrat Party so that they could get the industrialism engrained with the federal system.  Thats what the genesis of the Republican Party was.  There were five parties that basically dropped all their private allegiances and idiosyncrasies and formed the Republican Party in 1856.  Its really interesting.  Thats where the split was.  Of course, the rest, as they say, is history.  

Anyway, I find it interesting here today that the Republican Party is supposed to be the repository of whats called conservatism.  As we search for it, its hard to define what conservatism is because it keeps changing.  The things that it seeks to conserve keeps morphing.  Back to the tea party story, the Quinnipiac poll that showed that Ron Paul was the least lik
ed among tea partiers in Ohio . . .


Some tea party supporters we talked to on the campaign trail over the past month have also had lukewarm feelings about Paul.  Kay Clymer, a 57-year-old retired teacher and the organizer of the 300-member Zanesville, Ohio Tea Party Patriots, was among the several hundred tea party supporters who attended an early-morning Santorum event in Columbus, Ohio two weeks ago (the same event where Santorum won loud applause from the crowd when he took aim at Obamas phony theology.  Clymer said in an interview that she is behind Santorum in the GOP raceas are the majority of Zanesville Tea Party Patriotsalthough a handful of members support Paul or Romney.  Was he? Clymer said when asked whether Paul was considered the founder of the tea-party movement.  We like some things he says about the Fed, and that kind of thing.  Im sure theres one or two in my groupI have 300that like Ron Paul.  But no, were much more conservative.  Were much more wanting somebody whos really going to make a turnaround.

[end reading]

Mike:  Pardon me if I[laughing hysterically]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – According to the Washington Times… "People involved with the TeaParty do not find Ron Paul conservative enough." Who are these people?Don’t they realize that this is the only guy who has sworn an oath tothe Constitution and actually defended it? But I guess they’re lookingfor a TRUE CONSERVATIVE like Ricky Santorum who has voted to expandgovernment at every turn. Check out the audio and transcript for thefull story…

.  I tried to hold it in.  I couldnt.  Thats funny.  Youre a funny lady.  Thats funny.  Youre funny.  Are you serious?  So what then is we want someone whos much more conservative?  To a guy whos never voted for an appropriations bill out of bounds for the Constitution, never voted to support any undeclared war, voted consistently to try to bring back that gold and silver coin money and regulate the value thereof — this is what drives me every day to come in and host this show.  What is it that drives this thing called conservatism?

Folks, its an embarrassment.  Thats embarrassing.  Thats why I asked what the founding document is.  Its obviously not the Constitution originally defined.  You may say, Come on, Mike.  You have to grow with the times.  I will agree with you.  Thats why we have the amendment process.  If you want all these other things, if you want presidential war powers and expansion of the executive and King Romney or King Santorum to do all these things, if you really do love that Constitution so devoutly, then amend it.  Say, Look, we want to amend the document.  It does not serve us in the 21st Century.  Things have changed.  We think the president ought to have more power.  We want to have the 29th Amendment and heres what it says about executive powers.  Thats all I ask.  Just make it official and make it Constitutional and then I shall shut up forever more.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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