Ted Cruz’s Christian Display At Trump Convention

todayJuly 27, 2016

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Humility_of_Heart_on_black_for_emailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “I’m going to start this discussion of Tedley Cruzright’s indefensible, garish, demagoguery at Trump’s convention. It is Trump’s convention. It’s not your convention, Ted. It’s Trump’s convention.” Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: I’m going to start this discussion of Tedley Cruzright’s indefensible, garish, demagoguery at Trump’s convention. It is Trump’s convention. It’s not your convention, Ted. It’s Trump’s convention. The convention is held specifically for the purpose of tallying up the delegates, arriving at a consensus, and then nominating a person to be president and a person to be vice president. Yes, there are some rules, committee meetings and other party business that is conducted. The purpose of the convention is to put on a show for Republicans all across the amber waves of fuel and to flesh a narrative out of the candidate and what the party stands for, what its platform is this particular go-round, and then to nominate a president and vice president.

Last night, Paul Ryan went to the dais and, as an adjunct of the Republican Party, nominated Mike Pence of Indiana to be vice president. The nomination was seconded or something to that effect and Pence gave his speech. Tonight the same thing will happen with Donald Trump. Trump will go out and make his acceptance speech. Then the balloons will fall from the ceiling and the convention will adjourn.

Somewhere along the way, though, someone told Rafael Edward Cruz that his presence was needed and he was to go into the convention and not endorse the candidate and instead give a 25-minute-long harangue on what it means to be a “real conservative” and about “real conservatism.” As a matter of fact, right now, if you turn the news on – I’m not going to do it. I am not going to go to the audio of Cruz. He’s holding some sort of a press conference right now. He’s up there beaming and demagoguing on about his performance last night, and that he told Trump he wasn’t going to endorse him, etc., etc., etc. Really? You told him that? You really told him that? You were invited to the convention, you signed the pledge, and you told him that? Then you went out and you went out and executed it in front of millions of people.

I have a little quotation that I’d like to share with you from the book that I edited called Humility of Heart. Humility is a subject that is very near and dear to me. As a matter of fact, do I have my copy in here? I’d like to read to you on the subject of ambition. We often consider that humility is just – we think what humility is is not actual humility. Usually what people term and describe as humility is actually better explained as pity. There’s a vast difference between pity and humility. We can identify humility by identifying what its opposite is. G.K. Chesterton once said: If you want to know what an “ism” means, look what its opposite is, what the ism was created to oppose.

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In the same manner, if we’re looking for the virtues – they’re called cardinal virtues for a reason, and there are four of them. Humility is a subset of one of them. I think humility is the most important of all virtues. If you’re looking for the virtue of humility, what is the opposite of it? Pride. Most people do not conclude that pride – here is what Padre Gaetano De Maria De Bergamo wrote about the subject of humility and its opposites. If you have a copy of Humility of Heart, you already know this. This is examination #141. I’d just like to read this to you. What we’re talking about here is just an egregious act of vainglory, ambition, and pride. That’s what it is. Does the term gentleman mean anything to any of you anymore? Go to my Facebook and treat yourself to the specter that gentleman does not mean anything to very many people anymore. As a matter of fact, gentleman is another term that we have successfully turned into a mockery of what it once meant.


141. St. Gregory and St. Thomas teach that one can sin in four different ways by one’s own acts of pride. The first is when we hold that we have any good, either bodily or spiritual, of ourselves, and glory in it as really belonging to us without thinking of God Who is the giver of all good gifts. It is with this pride that Arfaxad, King of the Medes, sinned when he gloried in the power of his enormous army . . .

[end reading]

Mike: It is true – listen to any of the speakers that took to the dais last night at TrumpFest, and you heard pride about how great America is. [mocking] “This is the greatest country in the history of the world.” Don’t you people realize when you say that, that that is a boast; that is not patriotism. It is unadulterated pride. What does pride lead to? A fall. The haughty – he that is humble will be exalted, and he that exalts himself will be humbled. Back to Padre Bergamo:


. . . and King Nabuchodonosor sinned likewise when he boasted of the building of Babylon: “Is not this the great Babylon which I have built by the strength of my power?” In the same way the rich man, mentioned in St. Luke, sinned when he took such pleasure in his riches and regarded them as his own substance, saying: “I will gather all things, and will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years.” And, therefore, we may say that it is through this pride that all sin who flatter themselves and are ostentatious, Donald Trumpglorifying themselves either for their great talents, or for their riches, or their prudence, or their eloquence, or the beauty of their body, or the costliness of their apparel, as if God had nothing to do with it, and who, esteeming themselves immoderately, desire also to be esteemed by others.

This is true pride, because if God had given all these good things for our use, He has reserved the glory of them for Himself. “To God alone be glory and honour,” and whoever usurps this glory is guilty of pride.

And therefore we must observe with Saint Thomas that in order to commit a sin of pride it is not necessary to declare positively that these gifts do not come from God, for this would be a sin of infidelity, but it is enough that we should glory in them as if they belonged to us, “which relates to pride.”

142. The second way in which we can sin in our actions by pride is when, knowing and admitting that we have received such and such a gift of God, we nevertheless attribute it inwardly to our own merit and desire that others should do so likewise, and in our exterior demeanour we behave as if we had indeed deserved to receive these gifts. It was thus that Lucifer sinned through pride; for being infatuated with his own beauty and nobility, and although he recognized that God was the author of it all, he nevertheless had the presumption to think that he had merited it himself and was worthy to sit beside God in the highest heaven, “I will ascend into heaven.” [Mike: I’m going to skip forward ahead here.]

143. The third way in which we can sin through pride is when we attribute to ourselves some good—of any kind whatsoever—which we do not really possess, but whether it be that we esteem ourselves for that imaginary good which exists only in our thoughts, and desire others to esteem us for it also, or whether we really possess it; or whether again we only desire to have this good which we have not in order to be able to boast of it and glory in it, all this is detestable pride . . .

144. The fourth way in which we sin through pride is when we use any gift we may possess in order to appear distinguished or to think ourselves better than others, and to be more esteemed and honoured than they. Whatever good we have, whether of body or soul, of nature, fortune or grace, is a gift of God, and to use these gifts in order to try and be more conspicuous than others is pride.

[end reading]

Mike: While it may be true that you can say: Mike, this sounds like Trump. Well, it does sound like Trump. I never said Trump wasn’t full of pride. It also sounds like Cruz. Here’s the kicker, if you needed more. I’m going to continue to flesh this argument out as we go along because apparently some people do not care for pointing out the obvious and for simple, gentleman-like behavior and decorum to be the order of the day.


By the way, we are prepared, if you rushed the ramparts on the stream today, we think we are prepared for it not to crash if the traffic record is broken. Here’s another quote from Gaetano Maria de Bergamo. This is where it zeros in on Theodore Rafael Cruz. Wait a minute, Tedley Cruzright. I’m supposed to play the Rocky song for Ted Cruz [playing Rocky and Bullwinkle song].


147. Ambition is a vice which makes us seek our own honour with inordinate avidity. Now, as this honour is a mark of respect and esteem, given to meritorious virtue, and to him who is of superior degree, and as it is certain that we have no merit of ourselves, because everything we receive comes from God, it is not to ourselves, but to God alone that such honour is wholly due.

Moreover, as this honour has been ordained by God as a means to render us capable of helping our neighbour, it is certain that all such honour must be used by us in fulfilment of this end. Two things therefore are needful to enable us to flee from ambition. [Mike: You flee from it. You don’t flee to it.] The first is that we should not appropriate merit of the honour, and the second is that we should confess that this same honour is due wholly to God, and is only dear to us in so far as it can serve our neighbour. If therefore we are Bookmarks_Trilogy_FEATUREDwanting in one of these two things, we commit the sin of ambition.

[end reading]

Mike: I can’t make this proclamation because it would be scandalous to do so, but I can tell you that when you are invited to go do something, and you then make a pledge to do it, and then don’t follow through on it and don’t do it in front of millions of people, I say that is an act of pride and that is an act of ambition. So it’s not scandalous because it’s publicly apparent. He didn’t do it in private. He didn’t do it somewhere where only a few people are privy to it. He did it to where now practically the entire country is talking about it.


He is ambitious therefore who seeks to have some office or position, whether in the world or in the Church, when he has not the requisite virtue and knowledge to maintain it, and who schemes and plots to be put before others who are more worthy than he. [Mike: Did he put himself in front of Trump? Yes. Did Trump beat him? Fair and square, by a landslide. Did he put himself in front of Trump therefore? Yes.]

He is ambitious who desires to be esteemed . . .

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[end reading]

Mike: [mocking Cruz] “Look at me, I’m gonna tell you what a real constitutional Glenn Beck conservative is. I know because I am the Senate’s greatest conservative that’s ever lived, friends. I know conservative values when I see them. I also know that you’ve got to vote your conscience and should only vote for someone who’s going to defend the Constitution and every letter of the Constitution.” Do you mean the letter that says you’re not a natural-born citizen and therefore you’re not eligible to be president? Not only that, it’s very likely, if the records are ever released and we find out that your mother did vote in that election in Canada in 1968 and 1970, you’re not even eligible to be a United States senator. They should impeach your sorry behind. [mocking] “Mike, you hate Cruz.” No, I disdain demagogue, prideful liars.


He is ambitious who desires to be esteemed, honoured and revered more than his position merits, and as if he were of higher rank than he is, to be honoured as an eloquent preacher or as a clever writer, or in any profession to which he may belong, although in reality he can only be classed amongst the indifferent and mediocre.

He is ambitious who, without a single thought for the glory of God, or of serving his neighbour, desires or seeks some worldly or ecclesiastical office, simply with a view to his own temporal welfare and for the advancement of his family, or wishes to gain the honour of some high office or bishopric, “from the love of power,” as St. Augustine says, “and from pride of place.”

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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