Texas Is Now Corrupt, Can Secession Save It?

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Mike’s world famous T-shirt design “Voted Most Likely To Secede”-Order Yours today!

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – A member of Congress is not going to be able to, just to give a recent example, stop the property tax rates from going up in the State of Texas as Susan Combs, the Texas State Comptroller, wants her fellow Texans to know.  Apparently you’ve been concentrating so much on the federal legislature that you forgot there are sales taxes and property taxes in Texas.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Mark in Arizona is still with us.  Speaking of Arizona, boy do I have a story out of Arizona.  What are you people in Arizona thinking with this requirement, that you’re going to make high school students swear an oath to the Constitution, so help you God, before they can get a diploma?  I have the story here.  Yes, Mark, you’re in Arizona.  How are you?

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Caller Mark:  Pretty good, Mike, how about yourself?

Mike:  I guess I’m fair.  I’ve been rejected by the audience yet again for not going with the gun and agitating for war.  That’s okay.  I’ll be the voice for moderation and peace.

Caller Mark:  I’m still voting for Mike Church for president.  Mike, the reason I called, one of the things that just sort of dawned on me was — you brought up the abortion issue.  I’ve discovered that liberalism, they turn the guilty loose and they go after the innocent.  One of the interesting things is, liberalism, they say we as a civilized society have way too many people in prison, and in fact we need to do away with the death penalty.  At the same time, they say it’s the woman’s right to choose.  When you analyze this, they turn the guilty loose and they murder the innocent.  Another illustration is, let’s say you have a drunk driver.  He runs a red light, gets killed, takes out four or five innocent children.  Who do the liberals go after?  They go after the bartender.

Let’s look at Sandy Hook.  You had this guy – I won’t say his name — but the perpetrator of the massacre smashed his hard drive, put on body armor, went after the principal and the school teachers, which have the possibility of being able to stop him, but once he took out the protection of the school, he murdered the kids.  The thing that ticks me off is the liberals say this kid had a mental illness.  Who do they go after?  They go after the deceased mother, saying she didn’t have her guns properly locked up.  Of course, that’s an assumption.  Mike, the way I look at liberalism, the end result of liberalism is the enslavement of the law-abiding.  As far as I’m concerned, liberalism is the enemy and I don’t negotiate with the enemy.

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Own your AUTOGRAPHED copy of THE book on the American Union’s realignment

Mike:  If you negotiate with the secular — instead of calling them liberals, call them secularists.  Start with progressives, but call them secularists.  At the end of the day, that’s pretty much what they are.  It’s like that line from the movie The Big Lebowski, “They believe in nothing.” — “Yeah, Lebowski, we believe in nothing.”  They’re nihilists.  The secularists don’t have a higher authority to answer to for anything.  You’re able to make things up and, consequently, you’re able to transfer blame as you go along.  There is no culpability.  If no one is culpable to the almighty, to our Lord and Savior Jesus or to God, if no one is culpable and answerable to him for your sins on Earth, then you’re only answerable to man.

Caller Mark:  Exactly.  That’s how they get by with murder.

Mike:  It can be inconvenient for a certain man to be held accountable for something.  How do you prevent that?  Instead of being held accountable for something, you just change the rules as you go along.  No, it can’t possibly be his fault or her fault or that legislature’s fault.  You just keep transferring the responsibility because there is no precedent on which to base the responsibility.  There is no order.  There is no law.  Law is only what you make it out to be today, what you say it is to be today or tomorrow.  Sometimes you can even go back in the past and say: It may have been the law then but that’s too bad.  We didn’t mean it that way.  Here’s the way we meant it.  This is what they do with the Constitution.  This is what they do with all constitutions.  They say: No, they didn’t mean that, what they mean was X.  They continue to, again, secularize everything.  What is the opposite then of secularism?  What do you have if you have the opposite of secularism?

Caller Mark:  I would say it has to be a belief in God.

Mike:  You have to have some form of an ecclesiastical order, some kind of a moral order.  There is atonement.  There must be contrition.  In order to have contrition, you have to have admission of guilt.  You have to have a higher authority and judge other than man.  When you don’t have a higher authority and judge, you have the conditions that we have today.  We can lament it.  You can lament it all you want.  You can say: We’re going to do a better job of this.  We’re going to do a better job of that.  If we only had congressman that did this and that and the other.  A member of Congress is not going to be able to, just to give a recent example, stop the property tax rates from going up in the State of Texas as Susan Combs, the Texas State Comptroller, wants her fellow Texans to know.  Apparently you’ve been concentrating so much on the federal legislature that you forgot there are sales taxes and property taxes in Texas.  Just listen to this:


Since 1993, special purpose districts that levy sales tax have increased by more than 1,900 percent, which means that more entities are taxing you. In that same period, the number of special purpose districts that levy property tax has grown by more than 45 percent, with the creation of more than 500 new districts of this type. While local sales taxes increased by almost 170 percent from 1993 to 2011, property taxes grew by 188 percent from 1992 to 2010. Compare that to slightly more than 120 percent growth in combined population and inflation during those years.

Our local governments more than doubled their debt load in the last decade, amassing more than $7,500 in debt for every man, woman and child in the state.

[Mike: Folks, this is happening in the state that all of you want to flee to, that all of you want to go to after it secedes from the union, which you want it to do. Well, you better start thinking about how you’re going to repair the souls of corrupt Texans. Apparently the corruption that invades the national legislature has invaded the Texas legislature too, or all Texas legislatures. I am shocked by this.] Between 2001 and 2011, the outstanding debt of Texas local governments rose more than twice as fast as inflation and population growth rates combined.

New debt often is approved by a small percentage of voters, who must make vital decisions about new debt with little information about its implications. And a large share of local debt—totaling $12.7 billion since 2005—is issued through “certificates of obligation,” generally, without any voter approval.

You have a right to a full and complete disclosure of public debt. All government entities should reveal all debt obligations on a public website, including the debt’s original stated purpose, the total amount of debt authorized, the issued and unissued amounts of authorized debt, spent and unspent amounts of issued debt and the per capita debt burden on taxpayers. Any ballot for new debt should be accompanied by a similar accounting.

[end reading]

Mike:  I bring this up, Mark, to illustrate the point that the corruption is continent-wide.  It’s not just the Boehner Congress.  It’s not the Pelosi Congress before.  It’s not just the Obama administration.  It’s the Bush administration before it and Clinton before that.  The corruption is rife and it has spread throughout the entire continent like a cancer.  What is at the root of that corruption?  The root of that corruption is that it is apparently no longer a mortal sin to pass slavery onto the next generation, because that’s what debt is.  You are conscripting someone into a repayment of something that you are enjoying the fruits of today.  You can sit out there in your little cubicles and argue all day long, [mocking] “They would have wanted us to raise debt on that.”  Maybe if you remove the power and you forbade these legislatures from doing all of these things and the people actually had to govern themselves and tend to their own affairs, and weren’t so busy doing all the other things that we think are part of our lives, much of this wouldn’t happen.  You’re back at personal responsibility, family, community being the center of our lives.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Rik K.

I wrote an ebook on secession that I would be happy to share. Essentially, my argument – and one that I think is worthy of discussion – is that the state is bound into the union if you follow the source of government authority (it derives its power from the consent of the governed, but also derives some authority (including limitation) from the federal union). However, secession may be an individual right, and one that, if done properly, can be legal, peaceful, and successful under current laws.


Texas shuld atleast try

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