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Texas Nationalist Movement Moving Twards Texas Independence

[mp3t track=’04032011_Transcript_2.mp3′](Audio) Mandeville, LA – The Texas Nationalist Movement is going to hold a rallyat the State Capitol on Saturday urging lawmakers to put the matter ofTexas Independence before the State’s voters in a non-binding form. Yesfolks, you read the previous statement correctly.

It’s no secret thatwhen secession talk begins to emit the ignition sparks the FederalGubbmint along with the Liberal Left get really scared and begin tooutcry, point, blame, slander, smear and even beg in hopes of keepingthis wonderfully helpful Union together.

On the other hand, thosehanging out on the Conservative Right along with a bunch of aggravatedSoutherners get that tingly feeling in their guts with ‘balls on thetable’ talk like that.

So what do we have here folks? Do we havethe typical talk from Texas over there being fed up with the atrocitiestaking place in Mordor on the Potomac? Or do we actually have a legitpetition going around, followed by a legit rally at the State Capital,and followed up with some serious talks and debates about whether ornot this ‘all for one, one for all, hold hands, cross the street andsing the coke song’ Union that once was a powerful being is worthmaintaining?

Listen to Mike’s take on Texas, Independence and the Union by clicking the little purple guy right below – if that doesn’t satisfy the thirst for Freedom and Liberty then be sure to give the archives of The Mike Church Show a gander!

Related Material: Nothing like some s-word talk from the front-runner State in all things against the criminal acts done to this Union by Big Gubbmint…Texas. Have some more on Texas without leaving this page by clicking through to the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

Secession Picks Up Steam In Texas 

2011 Mike Church Show 


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