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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Texas RejectiCONS Choose Dudley CruzRight Over Walker Texas Ranger

Mandeville, LA – Headline of The Day: Texans Have Chosen A Canadian Born Citizen For Their President – Congratulations Texas and Oklahoma, you have just selected a Canadian born citizen, Ted Cruz, as your choice for President. Yesterday an Illinois Judge was so perplexed by the actual legal questions posed by the Cruz candidacy that she fabricated an excuse to throw the case out rather than deal with the matter Constitutionally; Texas and Oklahoma cheered like the Cowboys had just returned to the Stupid Bowl.

See my essays and audio monologues on WHY Theodore Rafael Cruz is NOT a Natural Born Citizen according to the Ratified understanding of the US Constitution.

Apparently Dudley Doo-Right is preferred to Walker Texas Ranger, so much for Texas being our landing pad after the Dollar Crash, FEMA camp herding and the POTUS tyranny of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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