Texas Senator Wendy Davis Can’t Filibuster Abortion Bill This Time

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – A special session of the Texas Assembly begins today, called by Governor Rick Perry to pass this bill that would outlaw the practice of abortion after 20 weeks in Texas.  The bill probably would have passed at the end of the last legislative session had it not been for this filibuster that this Davis woman began I guess on the day before the session was slated to expire, and her filibuster was successful in delaying a vote on the measure.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Big news out of Texas today.  A special session of the Texas Assembly begins today, called by Governor Rick Perry to pass this bill that would outlaw the practice of abortion after 20 weeks in Texas.  The bill probably would have passed at the end of the last legislative session had it not been for this filibuster that this Davis woman began I guess on the day before the session was slated to expire, and her filibuster was successful in delaying a vote on the measure.  Perry’s reaction to that was [mocking] “Fine, what we’re gonna do is we’ll have a special session.  She won’t be able to filibuster a whole special session.”  That’s going to begin today.  They say it could last for 30 days, although I don’t see how one issue could take up 30 days’ worth of time in the Texas Assembly.


republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1Some of the way this is being described by Senator Wendy Davis continues the troubling trend, describing the grizzly act of killing yet-to-be-born babies inside their mothers as reproductive freedom.  Exactly what is it that you are reproducing?  This is more non sequitur.  It does not follow.  You are not reproducing anything other than the ghastly procedure.  If you want to say [mocking] “These women are being denied their reproductive freedoms.  These women are being denied their reproductive liberties,” so they are what, reproducing the act of — I don’t even want to describe the procedure — the grizzly act of actually terminating a child’s life?  That’s the only thing in my mind that’s being reproduced.  The reproducing part has already occurred.  The woman already exercised her freedom and her liberty to reproduce and chose to have some form of sexual relations, illicit or otherwise, that resulted in the creation of that child.  To say that this is an issue of reproductive freedom or liberty is, to me, beyond disingenuous.  As I say, there’s nothing being reproduced here.  That’s how Ms. Davis was framing what members of Gal-Qaeda are heralding as her heroic defense of reproductive freedom and reproductive liberty and what have you.

Mike Church Show Transcript – The Traditional Family Has Been Replaced By The State

According to Fox News, the 30-day session will begin today.  The lawmakers are called back after Rick Perry, who has the power to do this under the Texas Constitution, to convene a special session of the legislature.  As a matter of fact, we have Wendy Davis appearing yesterday on Meet the Press.  I’d be curious to hear if the people of Texas — chew on this one for a moment.  If Governor Perry can call a special session in order to give the legislature another chance to hammer out this abortion bill, which will, as I said, stop abortion procedures after 20 weeks of presidency because it is gravely important to the people of Texas, why wasn’t it gravely important to the people of Texas two years ago at the end of the last legislative session when the dagger was driven into the heart of the bill that basically would have eviscerated the TSA at Texas airports?  The exact same thing happened…

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One senator decided it wasn’t a good idea and basically jammed up the bill so it couldn’t get to a vote in the Texas Senate.  Of course, this was while Perry was out there saying, [mocking] “I support that bill.  I do, Ron, you know I do, that one and them three other bills, uh, uh, help me out here.”  It seemed to me that if the governor has that kind of authority to call a special session and he’s calling a special session in this instance here, why didn’t he call one — he was so troubled about the Feds’ intrusion into people’s lives and into the affairs of the states.  Hell, he wrote a book about it.  Why didn’t he convene a special session then?  That issue was left hanging.  I don’t even think it was brought up in this session.  Here is Wendy Davis on Meet the Press yesterday, responding to Governor Perry’s call for the special session.

[start audio file]

magnificent samTexas Senator Wendy Davis: I had choices and chances and opportunities that were provided to me based on the way I was able to direct my own decision making. What I’m working to fight for is to make sure that all women have the ability to do that. I think some of the comments that he made really demean the high office that he holds. I think that’s why we saw such a strong reaction to it.

[end audio file]

Mike:  So you bust in a bunch of protestors, a bunch of angry women, a bunch of angry members of Gal-Qaeda to voice their protest and this is what constitutes a strong reaction.  Last I checked, public opinion polling in Texas is adamantly against the ghastly procedure continuing.  I don’t know whose opinion was represented here.  She said again, she had choices.  [mocking] “This gives women choices when it comes to reproduction.”  What about the original decision to exercise the choice that resulted in the pregnancy.  That was a choice that was made.  You’re allowed to do that, you and your consenting partner — I assume there was consent there — and you can do that, bring a child into existence and because it’s inconvenient to you, you can choose to end it and that’s freedom?  I have to ask the question: What about the freedom of the 22-week-old?  Remember, this bill would cut off the ghastly and grizzly procedure of abortion at 20 weeks.  So the 22-week-old, what freedom does that human being have, Ms. Davis?  Maybe if the procedure wasn’t available, maybe women and men would treat their prior choices differently.  There’s more.  Citizens in Texas are tired of this and they don’t want us to be discussing this.

Mike Church Show Transcript – House Passes Abortion Ban Bill

[start audio file]

Sen. Wendy Davis: What we saw in the capitol last week was people who have grown weary of our politicians trying to boost their own political careers on the backs of women by bullying them, and others honestly, in order to promote agendas that help them personally.

[end audio file]

Mike:  Who was bullied?  Who was bullied?  In other words, this allegedly is all about, I guess it’s Rick Perry and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, this is all about their political careers being boosted, nothing about the process of abortion. Of course, if people are weary of this, that’s like saying that people are weary of sickness.  They don’t want anyone taking advantage of the fact that they’re sick, so we shouldn’t have doctors.  If we didn’t have doctors, then people wouldn’t be diagnosed as sick.  No one would know and you would just have things you know aren’t working right, but so what?  Big deal, nothing to see here.  Move along.

Davis did a round of the Sunday shows yesterday.  You just heard one of them.  She added, “Even if this bills passes, obviously there will be other challenges to it going forward.”  Why are people in states who are using legislative powers and their method of redress, which should be their legislatures and not their judges and their courts, their first method of redress is to change the laws or have the laws amenable to the sovereign will of the people of that state.  Why would someone be weary of that?  Is the case then being made that this has already been settled by Roe v. Wade back in 1972 so no one ever needs to revisit this again and 309 million people have to say yes to it because nine men and women in black robes decided it for you 41 years ago?  We don’t need to do this anymore and people are tired of it.

Isn’t it amazing that no one ever seems to get tired of arguing for the children that are going to be killed by gunfire and weapons?  No one ever seems to tire of arguing or be weary of arguing why there ought to be gun background checks and magazine limitations and every other hell forsaken thing that you can think of, but we’ve got to do that for the children.  Oh, and no one ever seems to grow weary over worrying about what kids are stuffing down their gullets via school lunches either.  We can continue worrying about that until we’re blue in the face or until we have consumed enough of Michelle Obama’s arugula lettuce in order to make us all healthy.  No one is ever weary about any of those other things.  No one is ever weary about discussing how it is that children must have healthcare and must have access to it.  Not only must they have healthcare, they’ve gotta have lungs.  No one ever seems to be weary of any of that.  The only time we’re weary of things is when we’re actually asked to preserve and protect human life, which we seem to be predisposed to not do.  Quite frankly, Ms. Davis, I don’t give a rat’s furry behind what Governor Perry’s motivations are, because the initiative, to me and I bet to many of you listening right now, is the correct one, so I don’t care what his motivations are.

Let me ask you a question.  Have any of you ever guessed about what the motivations were for the men that were about to vote on the Declaration of Independence of 1 July 1776?  Maybe we ought to try to find out what their political aspirations were.  I bet the American people at that time were weary of all these stupid debates about independence.  [mocking] “You guys need to shut up and become good citizens of his majesty.”  Oh, yes, we’re weary, Ms. Davis.  We’re all weary.  Let me tell you what I’m weary of.  I am weary of prancing and preening members of the political class who have nary a clue of what it is that a system, if indeed you can find one on this planet, a system of federalism or republicanism is actually supposed to produce.

Isn’t it also amazing — we heard back during the Obamacare debate over and over, we kept hearing how important it was for democracy.  [mocking] “This is democracy.  We’ve got a majority vote in the House and a majority vote in the Senate.  This is democracy.  This is how our system works.”  It’s always how the system works unless you happen to be a citizen of libtardia and you are in the opposition.  Then it’s not how the system works.  Then the system is broken.  Then people have ulterior motives.  Of course, people that promote ghastly things like abortion, their motivations are always pure.  There’s snow out there being driven somewhere in the north and it’s pure and wind-driven.  The motivations for that pure and wind-driven snow are always just that, just pure.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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