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Texas Speaker Joe Straus Calls TSA Bill Publicity Stunt

Texas Speaker Joe Straus Supports Child Molestation, Calls Bill “Publicity Stunt”

The TSA is a Terrorist Organization Threatening Texas

(WIRE) THE LONE STAR REPORT– It flew through the House with nary a word against it in the regular session.

But today Speaker Joe Straus called the anti-TSA-groping bill “ill-advised” and a “not well-researched” publicity stunt, after quickly gaveling in and out a five-minute floor session this morning.

The possible lack of quorum may have been the official reason that bill did not get a floor debate this morning (see footnote below). But behind the scenes there was a debate over the legality of Rep. David Simpson’s (R-Longview) HB 41, which criminalizes the touching of certain body parts by Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) workers.

“I think the philospohy is right, I think it’s the challengability in court that’s the issue,” said House Calendars Committee Chairman Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi).

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