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  • I believe some things are happening in our country, individual states, towns etc
  • Priest On The Run parody song COMING soon
  • Your life sucks, try sleeping in your car for 4 months in a cassock.
  • You think you are having a bad day?
  • Think of Father David Nix
  • Here is a GoFundMe account for Fr. Nix

HEADLINE: Homeless After Whistleblowing by Father David Nix

  • What you saw yesterday in the United States Senate, were 11 demons.
  • Today is the Vigil of The Feast of St. Michael – why is this important?
  • You cannot convenience me they are not diabolically inspired.
  • The Sole Ray of Light – Amy Klobuchar she is a Congregationalist

VIDEO/AUDIO: Kavanaugh apologizes after spar with Klobuchar

  • To summarize what you saw yesterday was a confrontation of Good and Evil.
  • His opening statements weren’t angry. It was filled with love, love for his family. His wife, his children and his parents. That wasn’t anger that was honor.
  • Every time he spoke of his father, he got choked up. He obviously has a powerful father figure in his life.
  • Brett Kavanaugh was humble yesterday.
  • They are going to have an up or down vote today. I don’t think this vote is going to be delayed and I think it is going to go forward to the Senate and I believe he will be seated on SCOTUS.
  • The vote from the committee will be done tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Saint Michael the Archangel.
  • This is NOT a coincidence.
  • 54 Day Novena – on the Feast of Saint Michael HOW ABOUT THAT? What other sign do you need?

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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of the Reverse Deception –

  • Once this first vote is cleared, it is 50 minutes away, I believe the bow will break.
  • There will be no stopping

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Back to Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception –

  • When you see her sitting there in the hearing you see Dr. Blasey Ford she has a phD in psychology she is NOT considered under the title of Doctor.
  • She is misrepresenting who she is right off the bat.
  • Financial plan came up a little short. It’s okay, it happens.
  • Associated with creativity matching up with recall, that is what she was doing yesterday.
  • She was kinda’ shifty and it leads one to believe she may have been making a few embellishments.


Special Guest Debbie Schlussel with your weekend movie reviews –

  • This case would never see the light of day in a courtroom.
  • There is no evidence, none of the witnesses back up anything she said.
  • This is a terrible miscarriage of justice here.
  • These are just accusations by someone who never came forward!
  • I don’t want to have Supreme Court Justices have to go through this before being seated.
  • This is a circus.
  • Congressman Lindsey Graham – he has actually become a human again.

HEADLINE: Kavanaugh apologizes after spar with Klobuchar


  1. The New Predator

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Getting ready for the LIVE vote on Brett Kavanaugh.




Special Guest Christopher Ferrara –

  • The point she failed to point out is to adjourn the hearing because of flying!
  • Polygraph test and lawyered up. The Democrat ranking member secretly conspiring with a stealth witness.
  • Ford wouldn’t last in any REAL hearing. She is a snarky leftwing activist.
  • This is what they do.
  • They did it to Clarence Thomas and now they are doing it to Kavanaugh.
  • Senator Graham’s speech yesterday was excellent.
  • 4 days before he started notifying he had this Julie Swetnick woman, they were asking to speak to her.
  • If Kavanaugh is seated on the court, we have to keep in mind the Conservatives on SCOTUS are getting up in years also.
  • The Supreme Court
  • False accuser, I am a true accuser – Vigano
  • He has twice now accused Pope Francis publicly and the Pope has yet to respond.

HEADLINE : Blockbuster New Viganò Letter by Rod Dreher

  • Vigano is actually begging for some type of punishment coming his way.
  • He wants the world to see that Pope Francis is actually a tyrant.
  • Negative precepts – Thou Shalt Not _____
  • He burned the rainbow flag that was found on the premise and for that he was ordered to psychiatric care.
  • Dogma of the Immaculate Conception – a woman chosen by God to become the mother of the 2nd person in the Holy Trinity.
  • They are one person.
  • That means that Mary contributed 23 chromosomes to Our Lord.
  • I don’t think Kavanaugh is a vote for a reversal of Roe vs. Wade
  • I do think if a case comes before him to “cut back on abortion” I think he will definitely go for it.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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