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Thanks Mr. Ryan – Republicans Remove The Possibility of Victory Over Marx

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

The conservative author William Voegeli wrote an essay in 2007 called The trouble with limited government. In that essay, Voegeli argued that conservatives should mount a campaign to repeal the legacy of FDR, the New Deal and the rest of the welfare state. At its conclusion Voegeli wrote A conservatism that labors to reverse liberalism’s displacement of Americans’ rights as citizens with their “rights” as welfare recipients may not achieve victory, but it will at least deserve it. Let us dig a nice, big hole next to Russell Kirk and Barry Goldwaters graves for Paul Ryan and the GOWP [Grand Old WAR Party]

to bury the Republican opposition to the welfare state and any chance of achieving victory over it.

In what can only be described as a stunning defeat for Jeffersonians. Ryan and company announced Republican plans to call an armistice on opposing the welfare state and instead to modernize it for the twentieth century after all says Mr. Ryan, it hasnt been reformed since the 1960s. It also hasnt been seriously questioned unless you count Bill Clintons 1996 head fake in that direction. What this means folks is that the 2 party system of Republicans and Democrats now agree that wealth transfer, the brainchild of German philosopher Karl Marx among others is now part of Republican mantra.

Let me put that in context for you using Bill Clinton again: The era of Republican Big Government is just getting started. I say the era of splitting the union and forming new republics needs to get started now too.

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