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The 1960s-Hippies, Flowers And The Invention Of Paint Brushes by Congress

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

Representative Jim McDermott was on OMSNBC yesterday talking about cutting federal spending. From the sound of McDermotts cry it would have been easy for the uninformed to believe he were prepping the audience for a late night creature feature double feature, the only thing missing was some black robes, fangs and disheveled hair. McDermott warned what would happen if Tea Partiers were successful in cutting Americans off from their museums and national parks.

You see in McDermottLand, humans were incapable of reading and writing and certainly did not possess the skills needed to make works of art much less design and build museums to hold that art! Not until Congress was formed in the 1960s (yes I know the year is wrong, just go with the story) to cater to all the functions of our glorious, centrally planned society did Americans begin to draw, sculpt and paint. Next Congress invented museums and even created jobs for people who would come to be known as curators of these museums.

Legend has it that one day, in McDermottland, while Congress was inventing water based acrylic paints for the museums artists, the Colorado Rivers Grand Canyon was discovered and then when Congress invented wooden handled paint brushes they discovered the Yellowstone & Yosemite forests which led to their next invention= National Parks.

I would like to see McDermott invent a time machine next, so I can go back to the 1960s and stop the invention of Congress.

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