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HEADLINE: Priests, bishops and cardinals engaged in sodomy and facilitating cover up “must remain a hypothesis unless proven”

  • How many Synods have we had in Rome recently?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Diane Montagna from LifeSite

Question: Why is a Cardinal’s Mitre shaped the way it is?

Answer: When you look at them, their head is supposed to look like it is on FIRE. On FIRE for Christ.

BACK TO AUDIO – Cardinal Cupich

  • So if 80% are homosexual relations, the answer would be to NOT ALLOW HOMOSEXUAL Priests. This way there is never a situation for this to occur!

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HEADLINE: Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’ by Bree A. Dail


HEADLINE: Stick It to the Man by Austin Ruse

  • If you could see the Demons they would blot out the sun, there are so many on this Earth.
  • “What they found more objectionable was that the movie’s theme encouraged rebellion against authority. Black tells the kids to “stick it to the man.” – His friends that came over to the house for dinner. They watched SCHOOL OF ROCK with Jack Black
  • “So, I say to our friends. The man is not who you think he is. This new man is doing evil to our country and to our children. Teach your children to question his authority. Teach your kids to “stick it to the man.””
  • So I have to ask the question, what is going on here?


HEADLINE: Why Economics Alone Will Not Make America Great Again by John Horvat II


Wednesday’s show with Brother Andre Marie – we discussed married Priests and Holy Orders.

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HEADLINE: The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade by Stella Morabito

  • Do you now know a TrannyMammy?
  • I am NOT mocking the children here. I am talking about the PARENTS that are selling their children out to the #homosexual agenda.
  • Little Sherry is so cute, um he used to be Stan.
  • Wherever Catholicism is absent, evil reigns.
  • Prove me wrong!
  • The movie Valkyrie – with Tom Cruz 2008 he played – Col. Claus von Stauffenberg






HEADLINE: Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’ by Bree A. Dail

Focus on the Family – 4D LIVE ultrasound on the Jumbotron in NYC.

  • The difference in 4D and 3D – the ultrasound world, 3D is dimensional images and 4D is dimensional video.
  • My Body, My Rights, My Choice – well scientifically the baby has it’s own DNA. So you cannot scientifically say such a thing.
  • I would call myself an independent journalist.
  • I write at One Peter Five, LifeSite News and a few other places.
  • FETUS is the Latin term for BABY!
  • We must stop the “trimester” distinction. This is why the ProLife movement is losing ground with the fight.
  • From the Pope – Some Bishops did not understand well what is an abused boy and what is an abused girl.
  • They are using language like “we need to reach out and touch these children of abuse”.
  • We should NEVER use this type of language especially with a sexually abused person.
  • “Serious listening sessions”…this is straight from Cardinal Cupich
  • There is a time to listen and a time to act!
  • Mike Church Chatroom – “Let’s stop touching our parishioners and focus on getting them to Heaven”
  • BACK TO THE NATURE ARGUMENT – by it’s nature, every human has a soul.
  • Substantial and the Accidents – even if a child in very early in development process, that is b/c the accidents are there.
  • ORANGE Example: growing on a tree, it isn’t orange right away is it? However we still know it is an orange.
  • There is a foundational explanation of substance.
  • DNA at the moment of conception so there is NOTHING else to argue.
  • The rape issue is brought up all the by the ProChoice side, it doesn’t mean that CHILD is at fault.
  • Either the child is recognized as a person or it isn’t.
  • Our President could sign into law by Executive Order, that at conception – PERSONHOOD starts from the moment DNA is separate from the mother.
  • Shavon O’Connor – Buffalo Diocese Whistleblower, she is very honest, she believes in justice and so kind hearted. She truly loves those she worked for including the Bishop but she couldn’t stand to watch the injustice taking place for these abused boys.
  • This cannot be the Catholic response….what does she mean by this exactly?
  • It is MEMBERS of the Church in the hierarchy that have this apathetic approach to this.
  • EXAMPLE: Captain of the ship – you know the full scope of what you are dealing with when it comes to that ship. Someone that works on that ship doesn’t need to know how the ENTIRE ship works which is why they are given orders.
  • This is the same with the clergy.
  • CNN had a reporter this past weekend ask Delia Gallagher – she asked Cupich a really serious question. I believe they are being “red pilled” slowly.
  • His answer basically let everyone know this would not be answered.
  • Follow the money…it never lies.

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