The 6th Crusade Interview With Marshall DeRosa

todayAugust 23, 2016

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“What Professor DeRosa is telling us, it almost sounds like we’re being called to join the Sixth Crusade.  Washington is Jerusalem or whatever city where the Mohammedans were gathered that the crusade was fought against.  The first one, of course, was Jerusalem.”   Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The remnants of the constitutional order, what are they again?

Marshall DeRosa:  I’ll tell you what they’re not.  They are not checks and balances.  They are not separation of powers.  Though this is the fraud, has been for generations.  What we do have: free speech, free press, free assembly, the right to petition our government, and the right to keep and bear arms.  Out of those remnants, it’s the latter that is the most important.  I’m convinced that it may come to that.  The framers knew it.  That’s why it’s in the Constitution.  That’s why it’s in state constitutions.  Even the recent Supreme Court decision, the Heller and McDonald [ph] decision, those weren’t pro-Second Amendment.  When you read those closely, with incorporation and everything else, those were anti core Second Amendment decisions.

Mike:  By the way, I just pass this along because you mention incorporation.  For those of you that are fascinated by this, the incorporation doctrine – gosh, I spent about a quarter of my career in talking about constitutional issues just trying to talk people down off this silly, ridiculous notion that has been put in their brains by the NRA and other clods that the Second Amendment is some sort of universal carry law when it’s nothing of the sort.  The Second Amendment is the guarantee that the states will retain the sovereign right to staff, run, arm, and equip their own militias until they are called into the service of the United States.  That’s what it says.  That’s the history of it.  There are a few people out there that still believe that and that live by it.

One of the other things that I just heard you say about this, about incorporation, just tying this in with this kind of white martyrdom that you spoke of, financial, professional, personal, etc., this began – the Confederate States, warts and pimples and all, when they seceded and when the rabid republicans in the North reacted to this, you want to talk about a pushback.  There’s a deadly, lethal, diabolical pushback if there ever was one, the reaction by the radical republicans in the North and in the federal Congress.  Not only did they unleash now the permanent state of war affairs that we seem to be in, which is total war, which did not exist prior to Sherman and Lincoln and Grant and all the rest of them, not only did they unleash this, they also unleashed diabolical and totally unprecedented methods and uses for bringing to bear power, for concentrating power inside the general government or the federal government of the United States, general government as Madison and his contemporaries would have called it.  They unleashed this practice and they would do it through any means necessary to concentrate that power for their own benefit.

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The late, great Professor Forrest McDonald wrote an entire essay, a paper.  I have it at  I think I forwarded you a copy, too.  I bought it from a library and digitized it and turned it into text.  McDonald proved the 14th Amendment was never ratified.  It could not have been ratified under the conditions under which the Secretary of State of the Grant admission said it was.  It couldn’t have been ratified.  You can’t have a state that’s not a state ratifying an amendment until they are a state.  It was a condition of readmission in the union.  This is the first use of the Constitution as a federal instrument to bludgeon the states into doing the will of the central authority, isn’t it?

DeRosa:  That whole period of American political development is, you talk about a crime against humanity.  Justice Greer in the Texas v. Wright case, he called it insanity.  The national government in Texas was the plaintiff in the case.  They’d plead insanity in order to get reconstruction government of Texas recognized as a legitimate state.  Mike, I’ve come to the conclusion, after spending many years studying the confederacy and such, that we cannot discuss this with those people on the other side in good faith.  They ignore facts.  They’re not interested in the truth.  They want power.  The only way to check power is with power.

I tell my students — I teach political science, as I mentioned.  The essence of politics is power, and the essence of power is [unintelligible].  What we call the American Civil War, which was really the War of Northern Aggression against an independent confederacy, was just politics by other means.  That was violence.

Mike:  It almost sounds as though what you’re saying right now, especially if we appeal out to those that are willing to fight for liberty — I would call religious liberty the principle liberty that you should fight for in the first instance here.  It almost sounds like we’re being called, in this day and age – I really do think this is coming to a culmination.  What Professor DeRosa is telling us, it Marshall DeRosaalmost sounds like we’re being called to join the Sixth Crusade.  Washington is Jerusalem or whatever city where the Mohammedans were gathered that the crusade was fought against.  The first one, of course, was Jerusalem.  It almost sounds like it’s the Christian and Catholic people of the South and the West and the Midwest and a few parts of the Northeast, like New Hampshire and Vermont, are being called into a holy crusade that’s going to be waged against the power elite that have occupied, as Patrick Henry, your ten-mile square with all the fine ornaments of human life taken from the states.  It almost sounds crusade-like, it really does.

DeRosa:  With this major difference, Mike.  My area of specialization is the war from 1861 to 1865.  The Southerners had the clergy on their side.  They anticipated America becoming an atheistic nation within a few generations.  This was a religious war as well as a political war.  When you read those sermons from those Southern ministers and clergy, they make it quite clear that Christendom is at stake.  The difference is this.  As a Catholic, and I follow these things the best I can, we have no leadership in the Catholic Church.  I don’t trust the pope.  I don’t trust my bishop.  The priests, for the most part, are morons, insofar as they dabble into politics, a place they have no business in dabbling, from the pulpit.  If it’s a crusade, we don’t have that – when you read the popes when they were initiating the crusades, they didn’t mince words.  They called a spade a spade.  I see the Church, especially the Bishop of Rome, not as a religious leader but as a political opponent.  These are dark times, in my humble opinion.

Mike:  You’re right.

DeRosa:  We need the clergy, those that are still true to the faith priests, and I don’t know many bishops but I do know some priests, that’ll – I talk to priests, Mike.  I have a friend – he probably had to leave.  He told me what was going on in my dioceses.  It would make you vomit.

Mike:  No, I’ve heard it.  It’s something that is widespread.  There is also a remnant that is emerging.  I would hazard a guess to say that Remnant Magazine’s readership is on the rise.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me they found this show as a result of the story that Christopher Ferrara published in the Latin Mass Magazine, which apparently we need to have a regular ad installed into it so that traditionalists and those that love the extraordinary form of the mass and get the magazine can find out about this.

What I also think, and I’ve talked with many friends about this, and you’re just the latest one, we can see glasses half full and half empty.  For all those prelates that we see and we know the stuff is going on in parishes.  They’ve diluted the liturgy down to where we have clown masses and beach ball masses without the clowns and beach balls but pretty close.  The reverence towards the real presence of our Lord and the mass – as my friend likes to say, what goes on in here (meaning inside the churches) is what happens out there.  This has pretty much been the way it’s been in American history, and certainly in Western civilization history.  When there has been a weakening of orthodoxy and a weakening of strong, reverent liturgy, there is also a weakening of orthodoxy in people’s behaviors and morals and a weakening in their moral behavior.  The two follow.  They’re hand in hand.

What I see, for the first time in my adult life, is that for every one of those prelates and every one of those priests who’s mailed it in, bagged it in, and thinks that you and I don’t know are going on, including the antics of the Holy Father, for every one of those there’s a new Latin Mass Society popping up.  We get emails every week asking us, because we have a Mysterium Fidei here, about the mass, about the extraordinary mass and how much people are falling back in love with it.  When you go to a Latin Mass and see those families who pack the first five, six pews of any Catholic church on an extraordinary mass Sunday, Marshall, and I know you know this, what do you see?  Families, husband, wife, five, six, eight, sometimes ten kids.  That’s the future.  I think the future of the church – I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  There most certainly is a remnant out here.

I think the remnant is ascendant.  People making connections like here on the Crusade Channel.  A year ago we didn’t have the Crusade Channel and now we do.  You have a place now to speak out.  That’s fantastic.  David Simpson, my friend, has a place to speak out.  That’s fantastic.  Brother Andre Marie has a place where he can launch his ReConquest he didn’t have before.  Christopher Ferrara has a place where he can talk about Liberty, the God that Failed, a book that everyone ought to read.  He can get it in front of a lot more people than he ever could before.  I’m not singling me out because there are certainly other places, Church Militant, Remnant Magazine, Latin Mass Society.  There are societies all over the country that are rising.


I think that the remnant and I think that orthodoxy is on the rise.  It’s not a popular movement, professor.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not optimistic to the point that I’m ready to declare victory.  I’m just saying that the seeds have been planted.   You see the seeds, don’t you?

DeRosa:  It reminds me, I can’t remember the author.  I read a book years ago, how the Irish faith [unintelligible].  It was through the monasteries.  I don’t think it’s going to happen in our lifetime.  We always have to, as you well know, divine providence is involved here.  I do see – my wife and I, we go to mass and we’re thinking instead of coming out feeling full of grace, we wonder if we committed a sacrilege for participating in some of the masses we’re subjected to.  It’s that type of confusion – and we know where confusion originates when it comes to theology.

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It’s really troubling.  We have four kids.  We’re trying to raise them based upon how we were raised and the importance of the mass and the sacraments and everything.  But we’re getting the pope saying one thing and we’re trying to teach our, they’re adults now, our children something else.  When it comes time for them to make a decision during temptation or some type of personal crisis, are they going to default to the pope or to mom and dad?  It’s that type of battle that we’re engaged in.

Going back to the Bishop of Rome, this thing with climate change is much more important.  People shouldn’t lose sight of what’s happening here.  This is that type of political development that is just sucking the life out of local communities, out of self-government, and putting power where it needs not to be and should not be.  That’s in these global bureaucracies, these leaders.  My wife and I say we’ve always had the church to fall back on during these troubling times.  Now we’ve lost our country and we’re losing our church.  That’s why these are very interesting times.  It’s a very exciting time to be alive because this is where the rubber hits the road.  You’re either going to stand for principle and have the courage of your conviction, i.e., don’t crawl under a rock and wait for the storm to pass, or you’re not going to do it.  This is what men with [unintelligible] need to be found and need to organize and need to be prepared.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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