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Hodierna Verba Thursday Pile of Prep Veritatis et Sapientiae

“This modern mind is set on domination, always going forth to “trouble the earth.” Its adherents are driven by ambition. “The stuff these dreams were made on was the illusion of preeminent personal success over a material opposition. The tone was belligerence, and the euphemism under which it masqueraded was ambition.” And “[a]mbitious men fight, first of all, against nature…” They “are belligerent also in the way they look narrowly and enviously upon one another…” Industrialism is in fact “the contemporary form of pioneering.” The Northern sense of pioneering embodies the concept of Progress. It “is the concept of man’s increasing command, eventually perfect command, over the forces of nature; a concept which enhances too readily our conceit, and brutalizes our life.” The South was founded on European principles, especially English, and the European principle of conservatism is “deeply scornful of the American and pioneer doctrine of the strenuous life.” Ralph Ancil, Intrascendence, Myth, & the Southern Agrarian Legacy


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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

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The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

“Back in 2015, the Saudi Arabians, armed by the Obama Regime, carpet bombed the poor people of Yemen LITERALLY back to the stone-ages causing the largest cholera epidemic in modern history killing over 150,000 Yemenis. Now the Yemenis, some of the poorest people on Earth thanks to us, stuck between the evil, orthodox muslim House of Saud and the Iranians, get carpet bombed by Biden and the Brits.” – Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

DR. SCARF VADER: HIV CREATED COVID! – “Dr.” Debra Birx, ‘membah her from those press conferences with Fauci during the early days of The CoronaDoom™, is now out promoting the ludicrous charge that HIV is what caused “covid” and is responsible for the “new covid” the Regime’s lockdown pimps are promoting. See for yourself.

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREEN STRIKES BACK – MTG has asked GA Governor Brian Kemp to open an immediate investigation into Fulton County DA and chief Trump Persecutor, Fani Willis, for blatant and egregious corruption. What did she do? Funneled over $700k to an unqualified but really good looking young attorney to help persecute Trump. Read all about it, here!

TRUMP: “THE WOMAN SUFFERS FROM TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME – Trumps’ trial in Manhattan has concluded as Trump awaits Judge “Eng-moron’s” (emphasis mine) final veerdict. In the post trial presser, Trump in rarest of forms tells the world what he thinks of Laetitia James, his NYC persecutor. Watch, it’s epic!

The WSJ Editors give the details on what the Johnson Congress’s deal with Demoncrats actually entails and you won’t feel any better about after reading it.

Whether you love him, don’t know who he is or maybe hate him, Katt Williams has a view of life in Hollywood and life in general that is worth hearing. Not so much so you can adopt his way but to hear that there are people who view the love and work of the craft, whatever it is, AS the reward for working to excel at it…Williams is one of those (and also insanely wealthy as a result). Watch…

THE INJUSTICE SYSTEM AGAINST ALL OF US – The ‘Murican InJustice system, already reeling from the imprisonment of January 6th grandmas and the warrantless spying upon of Catholics, gives itself a black eye with Colorado Supreme Court’s Xmas gift to Biden.

TRUMP VOWS TO STOP WAR AGAINST CATHOLICS – While The Biden Regime fiddles and toasts itself for getting Donny off the Colorado ballot, Trump takes to the airwaves to promises to liberate Catholics from the FBI’s illegal, warrantless spying!


CONFIRMED: BIDEN’S RE-ELECTION STRATEGY REQUIRES TRUMP TO BE JAILED – What many of us have been saying since these thinly veiled attempt to secure Biden’s 2nd term by jailing his competition has been confirmed with the hiring of this KGB-like attorney to persecute Trump.

ISRAELIS MURDER WOMEN AT GAZA CATHOLIC CHURCH – The world is starting to learn what we’ve been telling you since October 8th: the “holy Jews” brainwashed Christians idolize & are willing to send their children to die for are NOT holy, are NOT who was promised to Abraham and are NOT good people!

TOLD YA SO-THEY WON’T STOP AT “CONFEDERATE” STATUES – The Biden Regime in its hatred for all things Traditional and American ordered the removal of the beloved “Reconciliation Monument” from Arlington but thankfully a Federal Judge has hated this despicable act of virtue signaling for the sake of hating the South.

JOHN DALY: MOST PRO ATHLETES WANT POPPA TRUMP BACK! – Tucker Carlson’ interview with PGA legend John Daly is hysterical and poignant, watch it here.

BIDEN WRITES HOT CHECK TO ZELENSKY – After he marched about the U.S. Capitol like he owned the joint (he only owns part of it) Vlodomyrr Zelensky met with Regime Leader Biden who pulled out his trusty Pentagon checkbook and wrote a check for $200 MILLION that the U.S. does NOT have!

MY LATEST SUBSTACK: HAVE WE REACHED PEAK HOMO? – Apple TV ruined it’s new hit series Monarch by introducing a lesbian couple with a school full of children to prey upon continuing this disturbing trend of making homosexual couples lead characters in TV series. But, why doesn’t Hollywood have equally sexually deranged porn addicts as lead characters? I answer that question on Substack.

WE’RE ALL ZIONISTS NOW – I have been writing and talking on air about the tsunami of pro-zionist rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the Stupid Party and now they have finally said the evil part out loud and are pushing a bill to make “anti-zionism” the same as “anti-semitism” and make both illegal!

VIVEK RAMASWAMY SAYS THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD – At last night’s Fox Nation debate, Ramaswamey dropped the bombshell that 9-11 and the January 6th were inside jobs pulled off by the people who are now backing Nikki Hayley.

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