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The Arrogance of the Entitlement Class (video)

All your wages belong to usOn Monday Neil Cavuto interviewed Representative Bernice Johnson (D-TX) to discuss the burgeoning debt problem and recent budget debate in Congress. Unfortunately for her constitutents, Representative Johnson suffers from such a severe case of cognitive dissonance, that it is unlikely she is capable of offering them any leadership whatsoever. her insistance that “money grows on trees” and that the federal government will forever have access to limitless credit card, led her to make a total and complete fool of herself on the Fox News Channel. In a display resembling party double-speak from George Orwell’s “1984”, representative Johnson extolls that the only way to help lift up the youth to prosperity, is to make them the indentured economic slaves of the FEDERAL RESERVE under the crushing weight of America’s national debt.



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