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The Bigger Leviathan Gets The More Economic Misery It

todaySeptember 21, 2011 1

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    The Bigger Leviathan Gets The More Economic Misery It TheKingDude

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    The Bigger Leviathan Gets The More Economic Misery It TheKingDude

The Bigger Leviathan Gets The More Economic Misery It

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Just when you think things cannot get any worse along comes Zerohedge with a slew of newly depressing economic statistics. None of these stats should come as a surprise but they are enlightening and show a very powerful, undeniable trend: as big government has expanded, personal wealth and income has contracted, here are a few examples. Median income for male workers is now at levels not seen since 1968. Real household median income is now $49,445 which is below the same levels reported in 1996.

The poverty rate in people claiming to live in Americas suburbs is 11.8%, the highest level since 1967. There are dozens more statistics I could list here but I think you get the point. Our freight train of economic might has been reduced to a Thomas the Tank Engine pulling a boxcar full of Boxcar Willies. How did this happen? The answer would take longer than the time we have here but the basics can be explained fairly quickly: The dollars Americans earned since 1971 have not kept up with Leviathan and the Federal Reserves perpetual inflation. This happens while capital is sucked out of the marketplace by expanding government appetite for debt. Productivity has improved but that only leads to job displacement which has little chance of of keeping up with businesses headed for the regulatory safety of foreign countries.

Combine all this with Obamas determination to be the lender, designer and then bankruptcy officer of first choice for American mass manufacturing and we now have a depression on our hands. Americans who are turning to Washington for help are helplessly bound to bringing about more destruction. The only solution is liberty: economic, regulatory and free market liberty combined with the government re-assuming its only true power in economics, stabilizing the money supply, fostering ACTUAL free trade and returning us to hard money.

Of course this puts politicians out of the power broker business and big bankers on notice that their cartel-money- monopoly is over while they reach for their Monopoly game Go Directly To Jail cards.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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