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The Blaze’s Declaration of Independence Controversy, Answered

Declaration of independence didn't create a blob
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Mandeville, LA – The Blaze runs a headline story: Are We ReadingOne of  The Declaration Of Independence Most Iconic Lines Wrong?

Then I am inundated with requests that I talk about this on my return next week. This makes me question whether my existence here is part of an awful “Groundhog Day” dream, WHY?

Because I have already answered the question and pointed out the only known error in the ACTUAL printed text of the Engrossed copy (the official document) of the Declaration of Independence in my feature “AGES OF INDEPENDENCE”. So I will issue this statement to TheBlaze:

In my Ages of Independence Feature where we discover the location of Jefferson’s missing draft of the Declaration we also uncover the fact that there were PRINTED draft copies of the document that Congress debated. There is no misplaced period in those documents, case closed and if The Blaze wants to settle the issue rather than attract likes for its pages than all they have to do is ask me for the evidence to end this woman’s ridiculous claim. The document in question (in the photo you posted) is the Mattlack engraving, a hand carved, scripted version of the “platen” used to produce every other document via Gutenberg’s device in those days. – Mike Church

You can listen for yourself to the stream (in between The Road to Independence & What is Independence Features) Here.

Learn more about Ages of Independence Here.

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Seems a simply argument of semantics whether a period is or is not at the end of the statement. What should be more important is the content and contempt of the phrases, which not only suggest that no person is born with more piety than any other person, thus no one is ‘born’ and King or a Pope. Both are simply men given the power to rule or govern by the consent of their constituents.
This is a direct assault on piety of the King, his birth right, and the dominance of the ‘Royal’ Family. Whether the period is there, or not, the statement still stands as ‘your not the boss of me’. God didn’t make you better than me, you only rule because I give you the power, and not by some divine connection. This was a totally new idea in 1776. The King was thought to be divinely born to be the ruler of the people by his connection with some higher power, just as the Pope was considered to have a connection to God that was unattainable by a common parishioner. The presence of, or the absence of, a period does not change the interpretation.



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