The Butchers Of Planned Parenthood & “Pro-Choicers” Make Aztecs Look Holy

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Order your copy of the Siege of Malta today!

Mandeville, LA  – I spent the better part of the day today tracking down a reliable history of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. After wading through dozens of books and essays that establish their conclusion before beginning their Preface, they go something liked this: The greedy, bloodthirsty Catholics led by the despicable Cortez, robbed the peaceful Aztecs of their serene, idyllic lives, lived in harmony with nature and brotherly love for all. Sure. This is rather like saying that Planned Parenthood loves babies like O.J. loved Nicole (alternate ending “like Obama loves ‘Muricah”). After a day of searching and compiling I discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls of  New Spain (Mexican) history. ”





From this work we will skip the thrilling accounts of the conquest of Satan’s temples and the ending of the human sacrifices therein in what is today Mexico City but was then the mighty, Satanic capitol of Tenochtitlan. Below you will find one chapter of nearly 500 that make up Castillo’s FIRST-HAND account of the entire Crusade. It must be noted that the most popular reproduction of this work when translated into English, has been discredited as being wildly biased and “corrupted”. It was not until the Haklyut Society of London secured Castillo’s original manuscript from the State Dept. of Honduras that an accurate translation could be done, this was completed in 1905 and the text below “CHAPTER CCVIII” is drawn from it. Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs for Christ, who will conquer pro-choice America for Him? It should be inspirational to recap what odds Cortez faced upon embarking on this crusade against the Aztecs and their Demon “gods”.

“In February 1519, he landed a force comprising 508 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses, all in 11 ships on the coast of Mexico. In his first conflict, on March 25th, Cortez led his men against 150,000 Indians. 70 Spanish soldiers were wounded, 220 Indians were killed.
“On Good Friday, Cortez landed at Vera Cruz. In memory of the crucifixion, the bearded Cortez wore black. The year was 1519! Montezuma, King of the Aztecs, had sent his ambassador to greet Cortez. The impressive armada of ships, the sight of horses and large dogs, cannons and armour and especially the fair haired Cortez dressed in black was enough to convince Montezuma that Quetzalcoatl had returned! When the ambassador reported of the Spaniards’ determination to Christianize the Aztec nation, Montezuma ordered that all the provincial nations who were allies of the Aztecs, avoid contact with the ‘invaders.’ Cempoala, a province a short distance north of Vera Cruz, decided to support Cortez, because of their dislike of the Aztecs.
Cortez built a fort near it’s capital. When it was finished, he left 130 men there as a garrison. Cortez then proceeded to burn 9 of the10 ships that were left in order to demonstrate his determination to conquer Mexico-there was no retreat! “We no longer have ships in which to return… we must depend upon our stout hearts and strong blows… with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ we can expect no other help than His.”
Of the estimated 15,000,000 Aztecs in Mexico at this time 1/5 were capable of bearing arms. This meant a possible 3,000,000 against the 300″


Of the human sacrifices and abominations practised by the inhabitants of New Spain; how we abolished these, and introduced the holy Christian faith into the country.

After thus describing our glorious deeds of arms, I will show how advantageous they proved in the service of God and of our emperor. These advantages were purchased with the lives of most of my companions in arms, for very few had the good fortune to escape being captured and sacrificed by the Indians.

Planned_parenthood_for_Aztec_boysI will commence with the human sacrifices and the other abominations which were practised throughout the whole of the provinces we subdued. According to the computations of the Franciscan monks, who arrived in New Spain subsequent to father Olmedo, above 2500 persons were annually sacrificed to the idols in Mexico, and some of the towns lying on the lake. As this barbarous custom was also prevalent in all the other provinces, the number, of course, is much greater. But these human sacrifices were not the only abominations that were practised by the inhabitants; I should, however, scarcely know where to end, if I were to enumerate them all. I will, therefore, only relate what I witnessed with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears. Of the victims that were sacrificed, the faces, ears, tongues, lips, the breast, the arms and legs, were brought as a burnt-offering to the idols.

“The greater the King we seek, the wider the land, the more numerous the enemy, so much the greater will be our glory…we are obligated to exult and increase our holy Catholic faith which we undertook to do like good Christians, uprooting idolatry, that great blasphemy to our God, abolishing sacrifices and the eating of human flesh… consider well all that we have accomplished… God is helping us.” – Hernando Cortez, from Hernan Cortez, Knight of Our Lady

In some provinces circumcision took place, which was effected by means of sharp knives made of flint. The cursed idol temples were called cues, and were as numerous as the churches, chapels, and monasteries in Spain. Every township had its own temples, and these infernal buildings were filled with demons and diabolical-looking figures. Besides these, every Indian man and woman had two altars, one near to where they slept, and the other near the door of the house. In these were placed several wooden boxes, which they termed petacas, full of small and large idols, flint knives used in the sacrifices, and books made of the bark of trees, which they call amatl, containing their signs to denote the seasons, and things that have happened. Most of the Indians, particularly those living on the coasts and in the hotter climates, were given to unnatural lusts. To such a dreadful degree was this practised, that men even went about in female garments, and made a livelihood by their diabolical and cursed lewdness.
The Indians ate human flesh in the same way we do that of oxen, and there were large wooden cages in every township, in which men, women, and children were fattened for their sacrifices and feasts. In the same way they butchered and devoured all the prisoners they took during war time. Sons committed incest with their mothers, fathers with their daughters, brothers with their sisters, and uncles with their nieces. They were addicted to the vice of drunkenness to a most terrible degree, and the inhabitants of Panuco had the most filthy and unheard-of custom, of injecting the wine of their country, by means of hollow canes, into their bodies, in the same way we should take a clyster. Various other vices and abominations were practised among them; and every man took as many wives as he liked.

We, the few veteran Conquistadores who escaped alive from the battles and perils we encountered, succeeded, with the aid of God, to turn these people aside from their abominations. It was through our exertions they began to lead a more moral life, and that the holy doctrine was introduced among them. We were the persons who made this good beginning, and it was not until two years later, when we had made the conquest, and introduced good morals and better manners among the inhabitants, that the pious Franciscan brothers arrived, and three or four years after the virtuous monks of the Dominican order, who further[Pg 390] continued the good work, and spread Christianity through the country. The first part of the work, however, next to the Almighty, was done by us, the true Conquistadores, who subdued the country, and by the Brothers of Charity, who accompanied us. To us and them are due the merit and praise of sowing the first seeds of Christianity among these tribes: for when the beginning is good, the continuation and completion are sure to prove praiseworthy!

But enough of this; I will now speak of the great advantages which the inhabitants of New Spain derived from our exertions in their behalf.

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