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“The Industry” Revolt Against Romney Begins Following The Grass Roots

todaySeptember 12, 2012 1

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DeceptiCONS demand that Romney sharpen the saber and get to rattling it at something other than Afghanistan as the “Exceptionalist’s” war fever heats up in Afghan drawdown

I told ya so: The ObamaBot Zombies see the same vulnerability in Romney that was used so effectively against John Kerry: just NOT being Obama won’t work

TAC: Daniel Larison isn’t buying it 

Listen to my 2004 parody song of John Kerry’s troubles “Tie A Purple Ribbon round my wounded knee” in the Founders Pass parody archives

So Dear Leader DID huddle with Bibi on the the phone for an hour on the evening last, allaying fears he may be “calling Bibi’s bluff” (see Buchanan below)

The “Conservative” revolt against Romney begins as the McCaining of the election becomes a real threat “The media targeted Romney” or “He didn’t hit back hard eneough” or “he hasn’t called Obama a Socialist loud enough”

Calling all DeceptiCONS: Patrick J Buchanan thinks it is time for the war machine to stand down and for it to call Bibi’s bluff on Iran… after all…Obama HAS

Senate Republicans lick their Industry chops at a $1 TRILLION farm bill that the “frugal party” is lobbying so heavily for-oh but we’re going to “cut spending” they bellow

Rod Dreher asks whether or not the “meritocracy” we currently promote exclusively as the salvation for all who enter is all it is cracked up to be…

What about all those manufacturing jobs the MEN and only MEN used to do? Well-hell, step right up and see what toll fiat currency and the pill (Gal Queda) have taken on men

Andy McCarthy: The U.S. is getting what it asked for in its support of sharia savagery in Egypt

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