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The Crisis: The Culture Dies Because Men Abandoned The Church

republican_Matrix_tshirtMandeville, LA – The Passion of Holy Mother Church continues as Europe has closed nearly all it’s ancient churches while entire orders of friars and monks cannot draw the young religious to vocations. This was predicted by Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius X alongside hundreds of other mystics and clergy and, most notably, by Our Lady at Fatima who warned the “…nations of the world will repeat Russia’s errors” (if Russia did not consecrate to the Blessed Virgin).

Ironically, the religious orders that are growing are the ancient Traditional Latin Mass orders e.g. FSSP priests, who were nearly annihilated with the force fed introduction of the Novus Ordo (New Mass) in 1969. This, while Western civ teeters on the edge of perdition precisely because The Light that guided it from Golgotha to the 1962 Second Vatican Council has been nearly extinguished for the prideful world of possessions, convenience and the horror of suffering. Gentlemen, find the time to attend a TLM Mass regularly, evangelize for converts and build Catholic communities starting with Catholic families. This is easier said then done, mainly because the heresy of Martin Luther has itself become dogmatic, to the point where Lucifer himself could not have damaged The Church and Her teachings, given by Christ, expanded and defined by the Spiritu Sancto (the Holy Ghost).

The Pride Protestant men have been taught in the “sola scriptura” and “sola fideii” has decimated The Church as the center of life. Life revolves around Church, not the other way around, try telling that to rabid NFL fans, so steeped in their idol worship that the few who attend Holy Mass on Sunday may attend in their team’s jersey (don’t laugh, it happens every weekend). The pain of being removed from social media or “sacrificing” a weekly meal or two for  fasting or even worse, being called “a Holy roller”. Just today I was informed by a family member of mine

“so dude are you still talking conservative or religion. have some peeps who are saying they are really turned off by the new “tone’ of your show and have stopped listening. Be careful… politics and religion don’t mix…”

Gaudium dolorosum meum! Or as Joseph Pearce recently put it:

For the true pagan and the true Christian alike, the way home is paved with the necessity of spurning the transient comforts offered by worldly distraction. The choice for all of us is whether to remain comfortably numb, losing our way as we pursue nothing but panem et circenses (bread and circuses), or whether we choose to remain uncomfortably alive, finding our way as we pursue nothing but the Via Crucis and theVia Dolorosa, knowing that the Way of the Cross and the Way of Sorrows is the Way Home.

Indeed, the way home passes through the doors of the vestibule nearest you.

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Wil Shrader Jr.

I find myself believing increasingly every day that our mortal lives are not meant to be in happiness as it has come to be defined by consumer brainwashing as sensual and material comforts. Our Lord had moments of pleasure and joy as a human but inevitably this was overcome by His final passion and suffering. So too, are we to imitate him most evidently in this aspect in order to enjoy the ultimate eternal happiness, which is to know and be known by God.

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