The Cult of Death’s Demonic CoronaHoax™ “Hive” Hasn’t Changed Since Babylon-Part I

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by The KingDude

Joe Sobran was one of the most gifted wordsmiths of the last 50 years. His National Review columns were something I bought that garfish wrap for back in the 90’s until they had to “fire” Joe for “anti-semitism”. Sobran, a man’s man who knew how to knot a double Windsor and chain smoke a pack of Lucky Strike in the same morning, went out on his own and published his newsletter for the next 12 or so years until his death.

In one of those issues Sobran introduced the term “hive” to describe the gaggles of commie sympathizers he used to call “libs”.

My Hive metaphor was enriched by an essay by Igor Shafarevich, “Socialism in Our Past and Future,” in Solzhenitsyn’s collection of dissident writings, From under the Rubble. Shafarevich argues that socialism is not just a modern phenomenon, but a perennial problem of decadent societies. In the name of equality, it tries to destroy the family, private property, and religion — institutions that prevent the state from monopolizing loyalty, wealth, and authority. Since ancient times, socialists (under whatever labels) have favored sexual license — “the community of wives,” “free love,” “sexual freedom,” et cetera. By breaking down bonds of kinship, sexual anarchy reduces the individual to a mere unit of the state.

Reading the above this morning made me wonder what Sobran might write about today’s CoronaHiver’s? Like their predecessors, the leftists, CoronaHivers believe in a set of “principles”, completely separated from reality and “science” mind you, that are to guide most of their family and tradition-hating “policies”. What found striking in Sobran’s Hive Pt I essay is his quoting of Eugene Lyons, author of The Red Decade, a history of the first commie invasion of ‘Muricah; the second was in the post-war 1950’s & 60’s and the third is, you guessed it, 2008-present.

“[T]he complex communist United Front tinctured every department of American life while it lasted and has left its color indelibly on the mind and moral character of the country. Our labor movement, politics, arts, culture, and vocabulary still carry its imprint.” – Eugene Lyons

The fact that CoronaHiver’s seem to be everywhere including, in this invasion, in the McGillicutty house next door, shows the never-ending lust the demonic have for the unspoiled souls of Traditional Catholics & Orthodox Christians i.e. they never quit until they’re defeated by Grace or are victorious and human misery ensues under their ravenous tyranny. We are in the final years, perhaps months of their impending victory made possible by what I call The CoronaHoax™. Their impending victory is so complete that no demographic age-group has been left uncorrupted and unassimilated as is evidenced by the 4 year olds being physically and mentally abused by their own parents and made to wear breath-restricting, face masks in public for hours on end while the “science” says these children are not affected by sickness nor can they act as transmitters.

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Joe Sobran.

This “Hive” we are possessed of, unlike the “liberals” of the 60’s-2008, has now nearly complete control over all major institutions, public and private, on this continent and there are few exceptions, The American Catholic Church included. Hivers, whether they admit it or not, hate Tradition and despise Sacred Tradition because their organizing thesis is antithetical to both. The Traditional family is Kryptonite to these people and their demonic enablers; their actions and religious belief in “the science”, triumphing over everything they’ve ever experienced true joy in i.e. the love of family which mirrors God’s love for the same, is evidence of this; the abuse of their children, cited above and more, is gravy for Moloch and his minions; so, what are we “deniers” to do? I’ll cover that in Part II but let’s close with more Joe Sobran, describing what keeps your sister and brother-in-law head over heels with the Enemy.

Having said all that, I think the strongest resemblance between the old Left and the [CoronaHivers] lies in their shared hatred of human individuality. To become a Bee in this Hive is to surrender, voluntarily and eagerly, your own personality; to submerge the self in a collectivity; to prefer the buzzing cliché of the group to individualized thought and expression; to take satisfaction in belonging, and conforming, to a powerful mass, while punishing others for failure to conform. This is not only a political but a spiritual condition. It was true of the Stalinists, and it’s true of the Hive. All the names have changed since the Thirties, yet you get the eerie feeling that the old Stalinists and today’s Bees are somehow the same people.

Unfortunately, Joe, they are the same people, and “they have the buildings”, for now.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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