The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The D & C, I mean DNC Convention That Celebrated Death While Preening Over The Future of “The Kids”

Don’t fret over the DNC kicking God to the curb or lout of the “pledge” because the “pledge” was fabricated nationalism by a destructive socialist

The 1992 DNC Platform also had no mention of God in it until Joe Lieberman intervened & inserted a “plank” that referred to “religious traditions”

FLASHBACK: James Madison & Thomas Jefferson were determined to rid our politics of religion, thus the VA statute on religious freedom & the first amendment-BOTH men would applaud efforts to keep “God” out of governing mantra/platforms

Anthony Gregory-Libertarian traveler and friend has our politics – The Industry – figured out almost in harmony with my own theories

Larison: There’s danger in them thar “bash the Democrat in the White House” hills among the dysfunctional, myopic American sheople

Obama’s personal troll-Valerie Jarrett-gets convention police to kick reporter out of DNC after he asks about innocent Pakistanis killed by drone strikes

The kerfluffle over the God & Israeli Capitol – DNC controversy takes strange turn as Obama hack claims this was all Obama’s doing

Woodward book claims Boehner drew line in deficit sand on budget deal causing Dear Leader Chairman MaObama to throw a MaObama sized fit over the “broken deal”

Bubba Clinton is more of a curse than an asset when it comes to propping up Obama

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