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The Dream of Actually Shutting Down the Federal Government Part II

The Dream of Actually Shutting Down the Federal Government

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Last Friday, protestors gathered outside the hallowed halls of Mordor on the Potomac Rivers Capitol to demand their unearned fair share of your wages and property. Now if that isnt offensive enough, the fair share in question will provide hundreds of millions in federal funds for the ghastly procedure that is abortion. Of course our fellow citizens who demand these funds use clever accounting tricks to make it look like the money stolen from us at the point of the IRSs gun is only going to fund womens reproductive health services. Now theres an oxymoron for you seeing as how Planned Parenthood, the chief benefactor of these reproductive health services funds, primarily promotes terminating some womens irresponsible reproduction activities.

Even if we leave aside the practice of killing yet to be born citizens we are still faced with yet another stark reminder that the land of the free has really become the land of the free things. Whether its free abortions, free birth control pills or free condoms, to pay for these free things this federal government is screwing the average taxpayer far more than even the floozies getting free abortions are screwing their unknown and never to be seen again mates.

Since no member of Congress seems dedicated to preventing all such transfers of wealth for reproductive health I suggest listeners tend to their own health by stopping the transfers.

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