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The Dream of Actually Shutting Down the Federal Government

todayJuly 28, 2011 1

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    The Dream of Actually Shutting Down the Federal Government TheKingDude

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    The Dream of Actually Shutting Down the Federal Government TheKingDude

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

If the federal government shuts down today what will actually happen? Will the Federal Leviathan stop racking up trillions in debt this year? No. Will those who are furloughed return to their subsidized by the American taxpayer jobs with full pay and full benefits for the rest of their lives? Yes.

Will American troops stationed in 134 bases around the world and engaged in 3three undeclared wars continue shooting, bombing and patrolling those lands, spending hundreds of millions of dollars per day? You betcha! Will the secretary of the treasury still have a staff of workers to prepare yet another sell-off of debt certificates that we, our children and our grandchildren will be responsible to pay off? Yes.

Will the 80,000 unoccupied federal buildings and the land they sit on, remain unsold, gathering dust and yet still maintained at great cost to the American taxpayer. Why, yes they will! Will the unconstitutional existence of the Energy Department and its commandeering of land continue to withhold millions of acres of productive oil & natural gas leases, driving up the cost of energy and transportation? Why yes, fair citizen they will.

Now folks if I werent running out of space and time for this editorial I would continue this list for another 3 trillion seconds but Ive run out time and left wondering when Our shut down Federal government will run out of Our Money?

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

Written by: TheKingDude

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