The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Militias_Are_Good_For_You_Project76_FEATUREMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of reaction to Rand Paul’s filibuster to slow the rise of the drone war plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “They did not sign up for routine presidential military interventions in a growing number of countries loosely based on a decade-old authorization of force. And they definitely did not believe they were consenting to live under the laws of war at home in a conflict without geographic or temporal limits and a somewhat nebulous enemy.” – W. James Antle III

Mayor Adolph Bloomberg’s “soda ban” is halted by a NEW YORK state judge-yay for federalism… yay tyranny!

Are there really agents of soda tyranny ready to measure that Fanta before you can take a swig of it on Broadway? Why, yes, there are!

New York based TV Network believes that a NYC based cardinal (Dolan) will become the next Pope is showing more faith than most remaining Catholics in NYC do toward their liturgy and tradition

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The recap of the recaps of the Rand Paul filibuster allow those responsible for the Iraq invasion and the rest of our bellicose foreign policy to paint Rand as just another hippie Libertarian spouting pacifism that will get us all killed

Speaking of… let us pray that THIS kind of PC inanity does not prevail during the upcoming conclave to choose Benedict’s successor

Dream on: The SCOTUS is now all the rage with Libtardians expecting the justices to do the dirty work of mandating genderless marriages in all 50 states, a surefire way to bring about 30 states leaving the union and for a good reason

Memo to John Bolton: Next time you go celebrating the death of “hundreds of thousands of Americans without due process” as “…the right thing to do….during the Civil War” know that among those who received their “right thing” were the heirs of Founding Fathers:

Peyton Randolph – Peyton Randolph Harrison (see Peyton Randolph in my film “Road to Independence the Movie”)

Dabney CarrDabney Carr Harrison – (see Dabney in my film “Road to Independence the Movie”)

Richard Henry Lee – James Kendall Lee (see R.H. Lee in my film “Road to Independence the Movie”)

Today’s Latin Phrase of The Day: “tu si hic sis, aliter sentias” – “If you were in my place, you’d think differently

Take THAT Mayor Bloomberg: Maine towns pass food sovereignty ordinances to declare hands off their soda and eggs and milk and…

Northern suburbs of Hotlanta SECEDE from Atlanta to escape debts, corruption and out of control free money giveaways to public employee unions

VIDEO: Penn Jillette, out promoting his new book on Atheism, actually winds up DEFENDING the Catholic Church (Traditional Church) and the Pope to a blaspheming Piers Morgan

Patrick J Buchanan: The GOP will do a lot better without the fading influence John McCain

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Paul Arias

I guess that Gerson cannot count the number of new Al Qaeda factions that have sprung up since we started our “war on terror” or read the 9/11 commission report where blowback was explained. Perhaps he likes perpetual war and believes that if he is doing nothing wrong then nothing to worry about? Tell that to the Russians under Stalin, the Cubans under Castro, the Chinese under Mao and on and on and let us not forget to mention the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. Believing that your “government” is good and knows what is in our best interest and doing nothing about it ( i have run for local office) is own way to allow tyranny to slowly creep in and one day you will wake up and realize that the Patriot Act and the NDAA were squarely pointed at you and me.


I find that Washington Post article a bit offensive. What is wrong with not wanting drones flying over your hunting properties or vaporizing you while sitting a cafe? I am 100% certain that blow back is a real thing and that we are without a doubt creating new “Insurgents” daily with the use of the drones in foreign countries. Thank God that we still have some politicians that are truthful enough to discuss it from time to time.

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