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The End of The Micro-Brewery Cometh, Thanks Sam Adams

todayMay 20, 2019

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End of The Microbrewery –  Thanks Sam Adams

by Mike Church

I stopped drinking Sam Adams beer 4 years ago when CEO Jim Koch threw in with the LGBTQ+ loons and demanded sodomites be admitted entrance as grand marshals in the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade – ditto that for Guinness. Now Koch is busy showing my decision was prudent – he’s now on a quest to buy his competition and turn microbrews into conglomerates; this will obviously threaten the beautiful smallness of the microbrew trade and could bring about the end of the microbrewery as we know it. Here’s my tweet on the matter.

Contrast what is happening with micro/craft breweries now from where this all started as Joseph Pearce relays in his book Small Is Still Beautiful and in this piece for the Imaginative Conservative.

“The great effervescence in America’s beer industry is largely the product of a market structure designed to ensure moral balances, one that relies on independent middlemen to limit the reach and power of the giants,” wrote Barry Lynn, the executive director at the Open Markets Institute. An example of this are laws which make it illegal for brewers to offer gifts to retailers in an attempt to purchase favorable shelf space. Other rules make it illegal for big producers to buy shelf space, enabling smaller brewers shelf space and therefore access to the market. Such legislative intervention in the marketplace serves to limit the political and economic power of the largest brewers while creating opportunities for small businesses to enter the market. In the absence of such laws, Mr. Lynn told The Atlantic, there would never have been the Napa Valley renaissance and Americans would now be exclusively sipping three varieties of Gallo table wine. “The reason that didn’t happen fifty years ago is because you had this system that was designed to promote deconcentration, to incentivize [retailers] to go out and find the new, the different, the alternatives. It was effective in achieving that aim.”

Listen To Mike’s Interview With Joseph Pearce on Microbrews  Going Giant

beerThe delight and excitement of sampling craft brews is a hobby of my family’s; we plan our travel around where we might take in a small brew house or distillery or craft winery; it’s a sad day when the once “craft beer” that Sam Adams was is now working to undo what he helped to begin. A friend, Dan Mundy, told me that any entity that survives 5 years after startup as a growing success, within another 5 years will lose its original purpose; Sam Adams is an ugly example of Mundy’s wisdom. Drink small batch beer this weekend and defy the Beer Bullies!

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