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The Entitlement Class has Led us to the Edge of Soviet-Style Collapse

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MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA Mike speaks with a caller who takes issues with those who like leeches, live off the government and yet still manage to drive new vehicles, have internet, cell-phones and all the other trappings of what used to be the rewards of a middle-class work ethic. Now however, as the Welfare/Warfare STATISTS confiscate the wages of the people, Mike sees our once free and prosperous nation looking more and more like the former Soviet Union just prior to its collapse.

The lesson here: the fairytale of government safety-nets really amount to nothing more than government confiscation of private property, the total devastation of private VOLUNTARY charities, and the displacement of the middle-class with The Entitlement Class. Government central planning is a fundamentally flawed philosophy, which is nothing more than a shell game to entice individuals to accept COERCED-COMPASSION, whilst the Plutocrats loot and plunder ad nauseam, immorally lining their own pockets with the stolen wealth of We the People


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