The Facts about Governor Rick Perry and Gardasil

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rick_perry_gardasil_governor_4_president_ad2CROWN POINT, Ind. – The plain truth about Governor Rick Perry of Texas is that his core philosophy is one of condescending elitism whereby he truly believes himself and his fellow central planners to be of a superior intellect to that of the People and thus knows best how to manage our and the lives of our children.

No case could be a more clear-cut example of the this Central Planning snobbery, couched in faux Texas swagger than his actions and the back-story to his controversial Executive Order that mandated Texas school girls be forced by government to receive the Merck corporation’s Gardasil vaccine, whose sales literature touted as the silver bullet cure to Human Papilloma Virus [HPV]. However, even careful reading of Merck’s own words reveals this was and remains just another boon to a pharmacological company more concerned with securing beneficial corporatist government contracts rather than curing any disease.

Therefore, let us submit facts to a candid world:

FACT: Governor Rick Perry received political donations from Merck lobbyists days before mandating Gardasil vaccinations for Texas schoolgirls as young as 11.

FACT: Governor Rick Perry bypassed the Texas Legislature vie the issuance of an Executive Order mandating the Gardasil vaccinations.

FACT: Mercks Texas Lobbyist, former Governor Rick Perys Chief of Staff; Current Chief of Staffs moher-in-law head of advocacy group pushing for state laws requiring mandatory Gardasil vaccination for girls as young as 11.

FACT: 22,619 serious adverse reactions including permanent paralysis, anaphylactic shock, DVT, with 68 confirmed deaths by CDC.

FACT: 16 additional Death only discovered after FOIA filing by Judicial-Watch.

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