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The Fiscal Issue of Housing and Urban Development

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Somebody was proposing that one of the debates thats going to come up over the budget is the Housing and Urban Development budget.  Now, HUD, as its known, now, HUD is in charge of managing and doing maintenance on and assigning whos going to live in housing projects, and where housing projects are going to be, how much is going to be paid for renovation of housing projects and what have you here.  And most of your housing projects, as theyre known today, or housing developments, government subsidized housing developments, are run by HUD, or sometimes theres a local entity, like in New Orleans its called HANO, Housing Authority of New Orleans.  Its an absolute crock and a scam and has enslaved tens, if not a hundred thousand or more, blacks into subservient and substandard living conditions there because they dont own anything.

Somebody came up with a bright idea, and I actually agree with this.  When HUD comes up for renewal, and we decide to kill it and we should because its not carrying out an enumerated power, it is a waste of money, the war against poverty is an abject failure, just admit it, get the hell out of the business just give people, just give those people that live in those projects now, give them deeds.  Just tell them, look.  You own 2A; okay?  Thats yours.  Now youve got to paint it.  Yeah, you can sell it if you want.  Go ahead.  Look, we already paid for it years ago.  The money is gone.  Who cares?  Take the loss.  The American taxpayer takes the loss.  You, maam, madam, sir, whoever, you own whatever dwelling it is that you live in, government subsidy, just give it to them.  Just give them the deed.  And then they become property owners.  And yes, they Well, Mike, we cant just let them sell.  Why not?  Who cares?  Now, youre not now, you have to have the understanding that there is no more public housing.  Understand this.

AG:  Lew Rockwell.

Mike:  Understand this.  No more public housing.  And, oh, it was Lew Rockwell?

AG:  Yup.

Mike:  You found, oh, okay.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was Ostrowski.  Thats right, I was reading Ostrowski the other day at  Oh, yeah, and here is what he said:HUD has destroyed many urban neighborhoods and replaced them with gigantic Soviet-style public housing projects that are breeding grounds for crime and despair.  As a matter of fact, folks, I posted this in yesterdays Pile of Prep, and it was under the heading, Heres an idea of how to lop off one of the heads of the 3.5-trillion-headed Hydra known as the federal government.
HUD has destroyed many urban neighborhoods and replaced them with gigantic Soviet-style public housing projects that are breeding grounds for crime and despair.  In many cases, such as in my hometown of Buffalo, neighborhoods were destroyed and replaced by nothing!  Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.  In Buffalo, about $556 million was spent in recent years, and its difficult to figure out where it went other than patronage jobs.  This is for HUD now, Housing and Urban Development.

HUD helped cause the mortgage meltdown by subsidizing mortgages that credit-unworthy homebuyers could not afford.  HUD is a poor manager of its properties, many of which are decaying, and many of which have already been demolished.  HUD has also been called the worst landlord … in the United States.  The actual solution to the problem….  This is James Ostrowski writing at two days ago.  The actual solution to the problem of affordable housing is of course to be found in the free market.  Government creates its own demand here as in other areas.  First, it inflates the cost of housing through regulation, taxes and zoning.  Then, it reduces the income of the poor through taxes, fees, occupational licensure, compulsory schooling and many other regulations.  Having manufactured large numbers of poor people and created a shortage of affordable housing for them, it then created HUD….

So whats the plan?  Its time to break the cycle of government failure leading to government programs that fail and create the demand for even more programs.  Why abolish HUD and not Education or Agriculture?  Mainly, politics.  Abolishing food stamps…. is politically unpalatable.  So, Lets start with HUD, writes Ostrowski, and maybe the savings can be used to phase out other federal departments.  One step at a time beats sitting on your rear.

And then his point, he says, is merely to show how to abolish HUD in a politically palatable way.  But, you say, its also politically impossible to abolish public housing.  However, theres an easy answer to that concern not available with student loans or food stamps:  privatization.  Turn ownership of these units over to the current occupants.  Dont evict them; give them a deed.  Theres no space here to argue the right and wrong of this proposal.  My point is merely to show how to abolish HUD in a politically palatable way.

Now, if you propose that, what is the argument against that?  Look, were not kicking them out.  Nobodys getting evicted.  Theyre not paying rent now anyways.  Nobodys getting were actually giving them property ownership.  We are making them private property owners.  1-866-95-PATRIOT.  Sounds good to me.

Now, listen to this.  You may be able to tell that I have a horrible no, they dont have to pay taxes on it.  Young Nic wants to know if theyve got to pay well, heres what you do.  You give them a graduated tax thing.  You say, okay, first three years you can live tax free.  And then after that, yeah, then youve got to pay the taxes.  You cant just sock them with the taxes.  Of course, thats what Mayor Moon, Jr. Landrieu would do, having no business experience whatsoever, not knowing how to create a job outside the Department of the Mayors Sanitation Office or whatever.  Thats probably what he would say, [Indiscernible]

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Ifyou’ve never heard of HUD, which is an acronym for: Housing a
nd UrbanDevelopment, or if you’ve only heard Leviathan’s definition of HUD,then please let Professor Church explain to you what HUD really is. HUDis merely the hand that controls Government subsidized housingdevelopment. It is an absolute crock and scam that has done nothing butenslaved blacks into subservient and substandard living conditionsbecause they don’t own where they’re living. The idea that found itselfon the table, next to the diner rolls, was something along the lines of:When HUD comes up for renewal and we decide to do away with it, seeingthe war against poverty is an abject failure, we should maybe just givethose people the deeds to their prospective dwelling. We already paidfor this years ago and the money is gone, we just a soon take the losswhile successfully doing away with public housing.

HUD has destroyed many an urban neighborhood replacing them withSoviet style public housing projects that breed nothing but crime,despair and a surmounting  contribution to the debt and deficit. Forinstance, in Buffalo alone $556 Million was spent in recent years withbarely anything to show for it. HUD helped cause the mortgage meltdownby subsidizing mortgages that credit-unworthy home buyers couldn’tafford,  HUD’s a poor manager of properties with many already beingdemolished and has been labeled ‘the worst landlord in the UnitedStates’. Folks, maybe the solution to this issue is in the free market,sound familiar?

tax them?  Where am I going to get the tax revenue?

End Mike Church Show Transcript


2010 Mike Church Show


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