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Mandeville, LA – Listener & reader Lise Baur attended the March For Life with her Church group and informs us that they used our Carrillon de Sacre Coure as their standard!

Hi Mike,

I wish I could have written earlier but I wanted you to know that our parish St. Andrew Apostle in Silver Spring MD marched under the Carillon Sacré Coeur drapeau at the March for Life last Friday. Every year Fr. Dan wants a banner up high on a pole so people can follow it and it’s tough to find something unique. (There are tons of Papal flags) So this year I was so happy to offer my flag that I bought from you! I attached pics. You can use the photos if you like although they may not be very good (hard to march and take good photos). The guy who carried the flag said there were a lot great comments and asked where he got it. I told him to say,”Mike Church dot com.” 

Thank you for all you do. God Bless, Lise

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Now, if we can start to consecrate towns and cities to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we might spare ourselves the fate of the French and the Tennis Court Oath.

When Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary on June 17th 1689, He asked that King Louis consecrate France to His Sacred Heart.  But Jesus’ words fell on deaf ears and the king failed to consecrate France.  Again King Louis XV failed to do what Jesus asked.  King Louis XVI also failed to consecrate France.

On June 17, 1789, (exactly 100 years to the day of when Jesus asked King Louis XIV to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart) he was stripped of his legislative authority by the upstart of the Third Estate.  Four years later (1793) he was executed at the guillotine.  And because of the kings disobedience came to French Revolution and the “Reign of Terror” where thousands of bishops, priests, religious and lay Catholics where killed by the guillotine.

Saint Andrew The Apostle Church planted the Flag of Our Father’s Son’s Sacred Heart during the March For Life Mordor on The Potomac, maybe the White House is next?


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