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The Founders Were Christians Young Libertarians Deny This

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    Caller: I do agree with you a hundred percent. Ron Paul is kind of like, you saw, like, bed sheets on the highway supporting Ron Paul. And, like, it was more of an anarchist, like, this movement coming out of the colleges out here in Illinois, all the community colleges and stuff. The Obama people were fighting with the Ron Paul people to attack that young movement to push for Iowa. They were doing bus trips and all that. But I do agree with you. Once you become a Ron Paul supporter, you dont fade. Those same people that were painting bed sheets and putting it up on the highway to support Ron Paul, I think the movement is growing bigger. And if you could just stay on point with that and get back into that college mode and trying to take the youth movement, like Obama took in 08, I think he could be President all day long.

    Mike: Well, the youth movement is certainly a large part of the Ron Paul contingent there. Theres also a large, in that youth movement see, this is the proverbial double-edged sword that we hear so much about. Why, its a double-edged sword. Nobody says sword anymore, its always sword. Just like no one says answer, do they. Do you ever say answer? And we get dead air. You ever say sword? No.

    AG: No to either.

    Mike: See, its answer, sword. Well, once upon a time those Ws were there for a reason. But anyways, the double-edged sword is this: Because academia bailed on the Socratic principles or the Platonic principles, Aristotelian principles that the university upheld for so long, and no longer teaches critical thinking, and is no longer supported in its critical thinking by anything other than the sciences, theres no gods on campus other than government and science. That is not the way it used to be. And that is not how civilizations evolved and grew safely and with liberty as their objective here. Because of this, there is a very secular, almost a, I dont know if I want to call it a hatred of, but there is definitely a healthy dislike of anything religious that has anything to do with issues in politics, regardless of whether or not it undergirds or supports the policy position.

    Which, you know, if your foundation is liberty and organized, ordered society, well, then, obviously Western civilization is built upon the canon of two churches. Theres the Hebrew, and theres the Christian church. Thats why its called Judeo-Christian heritage. And these young people have not been taught this. Their parents didnt go to church; and if they did, they didnt go. They dont go to church now. They dont believe in churches. They dont believe in gods. Gods and churches are a threat to their liberty to go out and screw anyone they want, knock them up, and then go get abortions and what have you.

    Believe me and trust me, folks, Ive had spirited debates with these punks out there. And even though, yeah, theyre supporters of Ron Paul, thats because they want the free party, the licentious, as our founders would have called it, the licentious party, the hedonism, never-ending hedonism weekends to continue. Well, good luck with that. Show me a society or a civilization in history that ever survived that. And there is a danger there. Im not saying that once they finally go out and have all their fun, do their drugs, get drunk and what have you, and knock the wrong girl up, and maybe someday get inspired, 5 percent of them, to do the right thing and perform that act of sacred sacrament that we call the marriage ceremony, that maybe that doesnt change, and it may dawn on them later in life as a little wisdom starts to creep into their noggins.

    But at this point in time and as I said, I dont want to say theres a hatred. But there is a genuine disdain, genuine disdain and dislike for any of the things that we would call the good life, especially the virtuous life. That is just not a part of this. When you talk about those college anarchists, thats what hes talking about. And, yeah, they are supporters of Congressman Paul. But I think its because of that libertarian label. And as you heard him say in Iowa on Sunday, Look, we get our rights from our Creator. I mean, that, you know, if theres one thing that could cost Ron Paul votes, thats it. Keep saying Creator, and youre going to have some of these college floozies and flunkies out there flocking back to their real leader, Obama.

    So its our job as adults here to maybe remind the youths out there every now and then, uh, theres a little bit more to life than you just running about, boasting and bragging about how libertarianism and the utopia like theres a guy out there that wants to create these utopian islands out there. Libertarian islands hes going to create. Theres going to be no laws, no rules, but a bunch of anarchists flying out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or whatever, be heaven on earth. Theres actually a few elder statesmen libertarians that are saying, guys, thats not how you preserve thats not a good thing. The goal here ought to be the reinstallation of Western civilization, which has as its basis, sorry to say no, Im not sorry to say, Im proud to say it that Judeo-Christian heritage, mostly that Christian heritage. 1-866-95-PATRIOT.

    But youre not supposed to say that, Mike. Mr. Church, remember the Founders? And this is what also inspires this silliness, Why, the Founders werent Christians. They were Deists. Yeah, thats right. Washington was talking about some ethereal Merlin the Magician when he was writing about the divine providence that kept the fog over the Hudson River as he escaped, or the East River, as he escaped from Long Island back to Manhattan. Thats what he was talking about. He was talking about Merlin. He was talking about abstract divine providence, not that kind of divine providence. Sure he was.

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