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The Fundamental Difference between the Chinese and American Economies

The Error of  Promoting Unilateral Higher-Education and the Decline of theAmerican Economy

(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA The blanket pursuit of plunging one’s selfinto massive debt in order to obtain a college degree in conjunction with thedeindustrialization of America via global free-trade agreements share a few rathersobering traits, both have contributed to devolving  Americans  into a nation of CONSUMERS  utterly displacing our ability or desire  to produce light and durable goods.

Further, such an unbalanced economic reality fosters almostcomplete dependency on foreign nations to supply a wide-range of goods from toastersto dish racks to iPhones, thereby morphing the economy into one whose highest accomplishmentis to ask if you would like fries with your Special Purpose Finance Vehicle,Mortgage Backed-Security.

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