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The Fundamental Flaw with Term Limits

Term Limits are but a Red Herring and Offer no Salvation from ExcessiveFederal Government

(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA Some in the Tea Partymovement are convinced that one tool to restrain the power of the federalgovernment in Washington lies in instituting strict term-limits on congressionalrepresentation.

However, much like the progressive movement of the last turnof the century, which was convinced electing Senators by popular vote wouldequalize congressional representation, and instead only succeeded indemocratizing the union, removed the state check on federal power, and loweredthe bar to corrupting a Senator, the solution of  term-limits offer onlyparrot victory.

Further, advocates and candidates offering term-limits asone measure of reform must first explain then why the 22nd Amendment,which limited the President to two-terms or ten-years, has utterly failed inuncorrupting the Presidency nor prevented the ascension of successivepuppets-in-chiefs funded in large part by the central-banking shareholders ofthe FEDERAL RESERVE.

The reality of term-limits is that it further insulates theoligarchy from the people by allowing representatives in their last terms to catersolely to the corporatist interests and become wholly deaf to their individual constituents.

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