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The Good, The Bad & The “Needs Focus” of Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth”

The following is an email conversation I had with a long-time listener to The Mike Church Show over Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” TV broadcast of Friday, 5 February. The listener wishes to remain anonymous and I did not solicit his review of Absolute Truth but I think this dialogue is constructive to the cause of Western Civilization, liberty, basic freedoms and ‘Murican sovereignty under the Kingship of Jesus Christ. My comments on his observations are indented and on the religious faith questions, mean them from my POV as a devout, practicing Catholic, attempting to serve Our Lord through public dialogue and actions,



Begin: While the finale with the data on China hacking the election is new(er) info, he failed to inspire me (a true believer in the fraud).

As we watched it I thought “knew that….knew that…..knew that….uh huh….got it….got it….uh huh….”

Maybe I am jaded since I have known this smelled since Fox called AZ for Biden on election night.

I am jaded too, but don’t lose the Baptismal virtue of “Hope”, even if its for the Final Judgement!

Nice effort on his part. It won’t change the mind of many – EXCEPT if they were so gullible they thought Biden was going to be something he has demonstrated he is not.

Lindell gets an A++++ for his effort…no one else is trying to remind people of what they know about electo-fraud 2020.

We will see. Lindell is typical of Red White Blue evangelical America. Where “trad Catholics” see demonic activity – they see these events will cause folks to flood to revival tents on their own. What Lindell does not see is that this is not 1885 Little House on The Prairie where the revivalist rolls into an information starved town to preach The Good News.

BINGO!!! – He can’t see the Social Kingship of Christ because he believes ‘Muricah IS the result of 1700 years of developing that Kingship, codified in the Declaration and Constitution. DEAD END if you ask me.

Unlike Pa Ingalls we are combating information overload – most overloaded from the diabolical.

YEP. Whenever is a “broadcaster” or “truth defender in media” then no body is.

Great American Revival ? Best to save some cash Mr. Lindell and invest in pup tents. It’s going to be a cozy group.

THAT’S the problem! “Revive” to WHAT!? Reagan? Trump? The Slaves to The Immaculate Heart are the ONLY ONES who have it right: they work and pray for the CONVERSION of ‘Muricah to The Faith! It may not seem like there is a Trump’s chance in hell for it to happen but the Faith that drives them doesn’t care and it pursues Holiness in all things. Now THAT’S a revival!

Lindell is preaching to the MAGA choir who could do nothing for the 2 months after election night – except get blamed for a fake insurrection.

Yep. And if you REALLY wanted to be cynical, he will DOUBLE his pillow sales for these efforts. I take him at his word, though.

And Lindell – next time have an independent producer review the video. A few too many ‘Wow!’ various other home-spun ‘them’ type slogans.

Yeah, some of it was cringe-worthy and Lindell is not the most talented “presenter” there is, either.

Too bad the Fed apparatus is so far gone that only old-timers can be found to tell the truth.

The Cult of Death has LOST! Today there were OVER 400 at TLM in Mandeville. I spotted 4 people with masks; saw at least 6 NEW families with young children/ God is raising an army of the Faithful who THIRST for the Tradition and beauty they’ve heard the Old Mass delivers. No need for you and me to fight the “Trad Wars” again but just promote the Good, True and Beautiful in the Faith where ever we see it. That includes in exhorting all Men of Good Will to CRUSADE for God, Family and then country!

I truly do pray I am wrong.

You’re not wrong but still, PRAY!

God bless

Listener of your show for over a decade

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