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The Gospel According To Saint Cain

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The Gospel According To Saint Cain|
Mike: I read now from the hallowed text. Can we put this in the Cainiac Bible? This is the first book no, no, the 9-9-9, wait a minute, 9-0-9 plan is the Book of Cain Genesis. This is the book of Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, all rolled into one.

One Year from Now When I Am President: The first 100 days of the Cain administration will usher in implementation of bold solutions to boost our economy and put Americans back to work. President Obama has had more than enough time to pull the right levers to turn around the fundamentals of this economy, but rather than unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, he has bottled it. As a proven business leader with chief executive experience in the corporate world, I will chart a different course. We will put forth our economic vision for growth the 9-9-9 Plan.

I thought it was changed to 9-0-9. Is he back on 9-9-9? Didnt he change the middle nine to a zero because of people bitching about it, clobbering the poor with a sales tax? Or with an income tax, a double tax? All right, …the 9-9-9 Plan which will throw out the existing broken tax code and make a fresh start. No, it wont. Yeah, a fresh start with a brand new national sales tax.

There was a gentleman that called the program on Friday, and if you missed it I do not believe I made him the caller, the non-redpill-taking call of the day. We should have that highlight reel on the website. Heres what it sounds like when you have not taken the Founding Fathers Red Pill: Why arent you behind 9-9-9? What in the hell is wrong with you? Youre an idiot. Youre trying to destroy this country from within, just like you tried to kill McCains candidacy. And now youre at it with Herman Cain. Well, youre not going to get away with it this time because Im turning it off and Im never listening again. Oh, really. Two days later Ill get another complaint letter from the same individual, telling me what I did wrong the next day.

So let me say to you, before I get into this, with every fiber of my being, with every breath that I take [singing], Every breath I take, I will oppose vigorously, with manly vigor, any attempt whatsoever to institute a national sales tax. Do you hear that? I will oppose it. I dont care who comes up with the idea. It matters not. If Ron Paul were to be dumb enough to come up with it, then Id oppose him, too. It matters not to me whose idea this is. We do not have a revenue problem. We have a spending addiction. A new stream of revenue and a new way to get directly to the consumers of this country and to enslave every man, woman and child that dares to open a lemonade stand into having to collect this, having to account for it, and then you know what will happen afterwards? These people are never satisfied with just passing the tax. This will turn out to be another national nightmare, just like the income tax was.

Now, remember, this was sold, and the states ratified the Sixteenth Amendment happily, cheerily, vast majorities. The people, they were told, well, This is the 9-9-9 of 1916. No, no one ever is going to get taxed by this that dont have no money. No. Oh, only them rich bastards are going to pay, not you. No, itll never expand to 80,000 pages. No, its only going to be one little page. Yeah, right. I do not trust this Leviathan. I dont like it. And I dont want to confer any more power on it, and neither should you. Which is why this is so, so if theres one thing that tells me that the former United States of America under the Constitution and the Constitution, that they are both simultaneously dead.

It is this blind misguided devotion to this national sales tax, were taking the exact course that the Europeans took as we sit here and mock them? The Europeans all experimented with national socialism at the end of World War II. Go figure. And then when it began to crumble around them, they had men that arose and said, You know what we need? Well make our businesses more profitable, and well simplify our byzantine cumbersome income taxes with a VAT tax. Value-Added Tax, they called it. No, no, no, this wont affect you. Itll always stay at 8 or 4 percent or whatever it was.

And of course today its a crushing 15, 16, 17 percent in some countries there. On the exact same course. They sold the exact same bill of goods, a social welfare state. They could not pay for it. And then instead of agreeing that it was a spending issue and not a revenue one, they said, Well, no, no, its a revenue issue. Besides, businesses are overtaxed. We need a simpler way to tax businesses. And thus the VAT tax was born. And look at all the wonderful things its done for the Europeans. Why, we should absolutely try that. I cant wait. How about you?

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